Maryland Nursing Home Physical Abuse Lawyer

Many people leave their elderly family members in the care of an assisted living facility or a nursing home with the expectation that they will receive quality care there. However, it is disturbing to see the high rates of physical abuse cases involving the infirm or elderly at the nursing homes in Maryland.

It is possible to hold a nursing home management and employees legally accountable for any form of physical abuse by filing a personal injury claim. This could also help to save others from similar abuse in the future.

If you or a dear one has been subjected to such abuse, an experienced Maryland nursing home physical abuse lawyer could assist you in pursuing compensation for damages. Reach out to a dedicated nursing home abuse attorney today.

State Law With Regard to Nursing Homes

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene regulates nursing homes in Maryland. The Code of Maryland Regulations stipulates that all licensed nursing homes comply with specific procedures and rules.

According to regulation, all nursing homes functioning in the state must put in place clear policies to prevent any kind of neglect and abuse of the residents. If a care facility or nursing home does not have such procedures in place, it could be sufficient grounds to file a lawsuit.

Possible Legal Options

The state of Maryland offers enough options to nursing home residents and their families if they feel that their requirements are not being fulfilled or in the event of physical abuse. The first step could be to get in touch with the Office of Health Care Quality to make one’s concerns known. Also, speak to a Maryland nursing home physical abuse lawyer who could counsel individuals on how to file a claim.

Pursuing a personal injury lawsuit seeking compensation for abuses suffered in a nursing home by a loved one is one way of holding the abusive parties accountable for their dereliction of duty.

The Process of Filing a Nursing Home Physical Abuse Lawsuit in Maryland

Before filing a personal injury lawsuit, it is essential to gather all the necessary information related to the case. With the help of an accomplished lawyer, one could collate evidence, collect documents, and acquire expert testimony. However, this type of lawsuits can require a great deal of time and effort. They can also drag on for several years.

Some ways in which one can enhance their possibility of having a successful case are by:

  • Gathering whatever documentation possible. This can include journals, medical records, letters, emails, visuals such as photos or videos portraying the physical damage that resulted from the abuse, or even autopsy reports if applicable.
  • Making friends with the staff at the nursing home who might be amenable to testifying in court on the plaintiff’s behalf.
  • Extracting testimony or help from medical personnel.

Victims of abuse and their family members can recoup damages caused by this kind of despicable treatment with the help of a personal injury claim. With the assistance of a qualified nursing home physical abuse lawyer in Maryland, one could collect all necessary information and details needed for a successful personal injury claim.

How a Maryland Nursing Home Physical Abuse Attorney Could Help

Consult a reliable Maryland nursing home physical abuse lawyer as soon as possible if you or someone close to you has been a victim of physical abuse at a nursing home in the state. Your lawyer Could vigorously fight on your behalf to protect their and your legal rights. Call today and set up a consultation.