Requesting A Police Report After An Accident in DC

Requesting a police report after an accident in DC is essential for a personal injury case. Police reports provide vital information that may help you and your lawyer process your claim quickly and accurately.  The responding officer from the accident will conduct a cursory investigation and jot down any observations from the scene including interviewing witnesses. The Officer’s findings will produce an informational summary that may include statements from the parties involved, facts and opinions of the accident (such as at-fault determinations), and any other identifying information. The police officer will then provide you with a six-digit identification number, also known as the Central Complaint Number (CCN).

Keep in mind that a police report will not be filed if an accident occurs on private property, such as an accident in a supermarket parking lot. A local attorney could investigate the accident and review the police report to help determine who is responsible for damages.

How Can I Request a Police Report?

You can request a police report after an accident in DC by visiting the closest department. After showing proof of a valid government-issued photo identification, providing the six-digit identification number (CNN),  and paying the $3 fee, the records clerk will retrieve the accident report or “PD-10” if it is available. It is recommended to request a police report in DC as soon as possible due to the possible delays that may occur.

When requesting a police report after an accident in DC, it is crucial to describe the accident meticulously and include all pertinent information. It is best to cover every possible minor detail of what happened during the accident.

The DC police report form will consist of the following:

  • Applicant’s Name
  • Applicant’s Telephone Number
  • Applicant’s Address (Do not use P.O. Box)
  • Applicant’s Address (Do not use P.O. Box)
  • Applicant’s Position in Vehicle (Driver, Passenger, and/or Owner)
  • Date, Time, and Location of the Accident
  • Central Complaint Number (CCN)

Can I Request a Police Report At The Metropolitan Police Department Headquarters?

You can also request a police report after an accident in DC by visiting the Metropolitan Police Department headquarters. A clipboard with the request form is available through the teller window. Only the involved parties along with their attorney and/or investigator are permitted to request a police report. If someone is requesting a police report after an accident in DC and they were not involved in the crash, they will not be permitted access. If a person is trying to retrieve a police report on behalf of a family or friend, a notarized document must be written by the party involved authorizing them to obtain the PD-10 on behalf of them.

What Is The Process For Requesting a Police Report In-Person, By Mail, or Online?

If you are requesting a police report after an accident in DC via mail, a $3 money order is the only payable method to retrieve one. Additionally, the person requesting the police report can make the money order payable to “DC Treasurer”. If someone is trying to request the report in person, they must schedule an appointment by calling (202) 671-6705. The MPD requests citizens to file non-emergency police reports online.

A copy of the completed “PD Form 10B – Application for PD Form 10 Accident Report,” and photo identification (a driver’s license, passport, U.S. Permanent Resident Card or military identification) is required to successfully request a police report after an accident in DC. If there is a mistake on the police report, such as the incorrect spelling of a name or a different license number, contact the police department as soon as possible.

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