What Should You Expect in Your First Case?

Well, they should certainly rely on their DC injury attorney who will advise them of the process from start to finish. It’s important to let the lawyer do the legal job, and the job of the client is to take care of themselves and follow what the medical providers are telling them to do.

Another main reason to get an attorney is that the client doesn’t necessarily know how to navigate the claims process with insurance companies. Again, the insurance companies are not looking out for them and that’s why they shouldn’t do it on their own.

At the same time, they shouldn’t have to worry about that. They should be worried about getting treated and getting well and following the doctor’s advice. They have enough to contend with doing that in terms of the disruption to their lives seeking medical treatment, perhaps missing work, not being able to do the normal activities of daily living, and affecting other family members normal responsibilities.

So they have enough to contend with and should leave it to the attorney who’s experienced in the process to navigate that for them. If it’s an auto accident, then there are a lot of issues having to deal with just the administrative process of setting up the claim and informing the insurance company what the claim is all about.

Insurance companies set reserves on cases, so it has to be communicated to them what the nature of the injury is and the expected course of treatment. We assist with property damage and so, that’s another adjuster that has to be dealt with as far as getting the car repaired.

In other types of cases, whether it would be slip and fall or medical malpractice or products liability, it is important to rely on the attorney so that that process is properly followed and navigated which will put the client’s claims in the best position for the best recovery.

The attorney will be interfacing with the insurance company and presenting the claim, seeking information from the client that that is necessary along the way, but letting the client focus on the important thing for them, which is getting treatment and trying to recover as best they can from the injuries they suffered.