Length of Settlement Process in DC

Anyone involved in an accident should never assume that he or she will receive a settlement offer for his or her claim. Settlement offers typically are not forthcoming unless a demand is made. There is no set timetable on when an injured person may receive compensation for their injuries. Some claims are able to be resolved relatively quickly, but even the most straightforward claims will still take a few months to fully resolve. Other claims, unfortunately, may go on for a number of years before a claim is resolved. Even when a demand is made and there is communication with the at-fault insurance company, settlement offers generally are not easily obtained.

Because settlement offers are difficult to acquire, and the process can be so lengthy, it is prudent for anyone involved in an accident and seeking a settlement offer to consult with a personal injury lawyer who can assist in obtaining the settlement and quickly resolving the claim.

Determining Length of Settlement Process

Generally speaking, each case is individual, and some cases may take longer or shorter than others to resolve. The time it takes to reach a settlement agreement and resolve a case will vary quite a bit on a case by case basis. The time it takes to settle a claim depends on many factors, including the nature and extent of the injuries sustained, and the position of the insurance companies involved. Another issue that may determine how long the claim will take is the nature and extent of treatment for the injured person, whether the treatment is ongoing, and/or whether there will be treatment in the future. Oftentimes the type of treatment an injured person is receiving may also delay the claims process.  Some people may require years of active treatment before reaching total recovery from the injuries sustained.

To ensure their claim is not unnecessarily prolonged for years, an injured individual should hire a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney in DC to handle the claim on their behalf.

Benefits of a Lawyer in the Settlement Process

Working with a personal injury lawyer on a settlement claim has many benefits. A personal injury attorney can expedite the settlement process because he or she has been through the process before and knows what information is critical to an insurance company in evaluating the claim. Insurance companies do not want to pay money to people who have sought a claim, and will work to try and avoid paying money. Once the insurance company has the information it needs to evaluate the claim, the parties can be in a position to negotiate a settlement.

A personal injury attorney can also discuss the claim with the client and ascertain whether or not there are time limits or factors that are crucial to the client and the ability to pursue his or her claim. When someone is suffering an injury, the last thing they need to be worrying about is the status of their personal injury claim and how it is progressing. One of the main benefits of having a lawyer is to alleviate some of that stress so a person can concentrate their attention and energy on recovery.