DC Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

Parking lots must be reasonably maintained by the owner in order to avoid preventable injury to visitors.  If you or someone you love was harmed while in a parking lot, a DC parking lot accident lawyer can help you to determine if you have a right to compensation.

Many injured victims, as well as people whose loved ones are killed, are able to recover money for medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress after a parking lot injury. and you need to get legal advice to understand your rights. If you want to know how to pursue an accident case, consult with a DC premises liability lawyer today.

Insurance Treatment

Typically, insurance companies discount parking lot accidents because vehicles are moving at a very slow rate of speed and they believe because of that, there should be no significant injuries that will correlate to such a small impact or a low-speed collision.


Parking lot injury victims should be able to receive compensation if they can show the lot owner breached a legal duty. There are many different situations where a parking lot owner or operator can be considered negligent including:

  • When snow is partially removed from a parking lot, creating icy conditions and causing a fall
  • When pavement or sidewalks are not properly maintained in the lot
  • When debris located in walkways causes a fall
  • When poor markings and signage result in motor vehicle collisions
  • When a lot is poorly lit and an injury occurs as a result
  • When elevators or stairs are not maintained, causing injury while entering or exiting the lot
  • When there is reason to believe that crime will occur in the lot, but the lot owner or operator provides inadequate security

These are just a few of the many situations that could result in an injury or wrongful death claim in a parking lot. A DC parking lot attorney can review the facts and help their client to determine if they have a case for compensation.

Benefit of an Attorney

Someone injured should receive compensation for injuries in a parking lot if they can prove that someone was negligent or reckless. A DC parking lot accident lawyer can:

  • Review the facts of their accident to determine if anyone was to blame
  • Identify all possible defendants who could be held responsible for their parking lot injuries
  • Try to negotiate a settlement with the responsible parties, or their insurers, so they can receive compensation without going to court
  • File a civil lawsuit for personal injury or wrongful death
  • Investigate the cause of their injury, obtain evidence demonstrating the negligence of the at-fault party, and put together a compelling legal argument against them
  • Argue on their behalf in court for the compensation they deserve

Although the law protects victims harmed by negligence, someone obtaining the compensation they deserve can be complicated. An experienced parking lot accident lawyer in the Washington DC area can help them to make their case.

Contact a DC Parking Lot Accident Attorney

A DC parking lot accident lawyer knows premises liability laws inside and out and can help victims of injuries pursue a claim for compensation. Whether your case is resolved through settlement negotiations or litigation, the strength of your evidence and legal arguments will impact whether you can be compensated for losses. Let an experienced attorney help you make your case.

The DC area can be different in many ways demographically or based upon the respective jury pool and therefore an injured person should consult with and rely upon the knowledge, training, and experience of a personal injury attorney who can guide the injured person as to how they envision that case moving forward.



DC Parking Lot Accident Lawyer