Maryland Nursing Home Infections Lawyer

Learning your loved one contracted an infection in their nursing home can be incredibly upsetting, especially since the nursing home is tasked with taking good care of their patients.

If you or your loved one suffered an infection while under the care of a nursing home facility, consider speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney. A compassionate Maryland nursing home infections lawyer can help you seek the reimbursement of losses your family needs.

Infections in Maryland Nursing Homes

Seniors residing in nursing homes experience as many as 3 million infections each year. Those who do contract infections are more likely to die as a result than patients living independently. Some of the most common infections occurring amongst nursing home residents include:

  • Viruses, like influenza, shingles, and herpes
  • Infected bed sores, open wounds, and pressure wounds
  • Bacterial infections, like pneumonia, gastrointestinal infections, foot infections, cellulitis, MRSA and other drug-resistant infections, including sepsis, a blood infection resulting from uncontrolled infections elsewhere in the body
  • Urinary tract infections, often brought on by improper catheterization or catheter care
  • Lice, scabies, and other parasitic infections

Reasons for Nursing Home Infections

Infections are more common in nursing homes for many reasons. Of course, nursing home patients often have weakened immune systems, and are more susceptible to infections due to age, existing health conditions, and certain medication side effects.

However, these facts do not excuse negligent nursing homes of conduct that tends to exacerbate wounds or spread infections in close living quarters. Even if a nursing home resident has a preexisting condition, it is possible that the nursing home’s negligent conduct worsened the resident’s health.

Some of the nursing home behaviors that increase infections that courts could consider negligent include but are not limited to:

  • Failing to vaccinate all residents, or failing to require staff vaccination
  • Poor hygiene and unsanitary conditions in the nursing home
  • Failure to diagnose or delayed diagnosis of treatable infections

Maryland Nursing Home Infections Damages

If the court finds that the nursing home is liable for compensating the injured resident for the damages stemming from their infection, they could be eligible to receive reimbursement for a variety or economic and noneconomic damages.

Monetary damages could include medical costs, such as hospital stays, surgery, intensive care, medications, rehabilitation, as well as other monetary losses, like lost wages or the cost of moving to a different nursing home. Nonmonetary damages may also include awards for pain and suffering, or loss of enjoyment in life.

If a nursing home resident passes away as a result of their infection, and the nursing home is at fault, surviving family members could be eligible for wrongful death damages, which can include end-of-life medical costs, funeral bills, or loss of support from the loved one.

An experienced Maryland nursing home infections attorney can help victims and their families understand what type of damages they may be able to seek from the nursing home.

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Whatever the cause of your loved one’s nursing home infection, or how badly they suffered injury or exacerbation of their health condition, a skilled Maryland nursing home infections attorney can help you pursue the compensation needed to focus on improved health and recovery.