Experience & Background

Born and raised in the District of Columbia, Shawn has devoted his entire legal career to the practice of criminal defense. During law school, Shawn completed a  clerkship with the trial division of the highly respected Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia, where he worked on a range of cases that included allegations of sexual assault, drug crimes, and gun charges.  He also clerked with the Georgia Public Defender Standards Council and the Georgia Capital Defender.

Shawn received his juris doctor from Emory University School of Law, and his bachelor’s degree from The George Washington University, where he graduated with honors. After graduating, Shawn worked in the Murder Division at the Clark County Public Defender’s Office in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Shawn’s reputation as a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney with an impressive record for success provides him with a distinct advantage when defending clients in the DC court system. He commands mutual respect from both prosecutors and judges, and is highly regarded by colleagues in the realm of criminal defense. Shawn’s success in and out of the courtroom has shown how valuable his skill set is to anyone who is charged with a criminal offense in Washington DC.

Shawn handles a variety of cases in the District Courts. These include DUI offenses, ranging from misdemeanor to felony charges, and drug possession charges, both for personal use and for those accused of possession with the intent to distribute or sell certain drugs. He has extensive experience in defending clients charged with marijuana possession in DC, including college students and minors who are found in possession of drugs or alcohol. Among the many criminal offenses he has successfully litigated are charges of assault, from simple assault to aggravated assault; domestic violence; weapons violations; theft-related charges, including burglary and robbery; and prostitution and solicitation.