DC Truck Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in a truck accident, A DC truck accident lawyer can be a great asset.  The attorneys at our firm know you probably have lots of questions running through your mind: How will you cope with the lack of transportation if your vehicle was damaged or destroyed? Will your injuries prevent you from working now and in the future? How will you afford the extensive medical bills that you may have already incurred, and will continue to incur, as you undergo rehabilitation? Will you be able to continue to provide for your family, financially and otherwise? And most importantly, who can help?

The answer to this final question includes finding a DC truck accident lawyer who has experience litigating for civil justice regarding truck accidents in DC. A dedicated truck or auto accident attorney will investigate every aspect of your incident in order to determine who is responsible for the harms and losses that you have suffered. Your attorney will work equally hard to ensure that the at-fault parties are held responsible through the pursuit of civil litigation.

Truck accident lawyer in Washington DC

Can I Expect a Settlement or Jury Award?

When plaintiffs initially present their cases to truck accident attorneys, their first question is almost always the same: “How much is my claim worth?”

Unfortunately, this is a very difficult question for even the most experienced DC truck accident lawyer to answer. That is due largely the great number of factors that apply to all collisions and crashes. Chief among those considerations is the fact that many people do not fully realize the extent of the damages they have suffered, both in terms of injury and property damage, right away.

This is one reason why many insurance companies that provide coverage for truck drivers, trucking companies, and other businesses who rely on trucks to transport their goods are often eager to offer victims of truck accidents a fast settlement. The urge to accept payment early on is a powerful one to overcome, but you should keep in mind that these settlements rarely have the best interests of the victim in mind.

What we can tell you is that those who have a legitimate truck accident claim, one in which severe or permanent injuries can be proven by medical documentation and diagnostic testing, may receive a successful outcome through either negotiation by their attorney prior to court, or by arguing the matter at trial.

Factors Juries Consider in Truck Accident Cases

All personal injury cases are unique, due to all of the factors that must be taken into account. If and when your lawsuit is brought to trial, the judge or jury will consider all of these factors as they’re presented by your DC truck accident lawyer, as well as whatever evidence is produced by the defense. Some of the specific factors that a jury may consider when determining the value of your claim may include:

  • The jury’s perception of your credibility and the defendant’s credibility
  • The distribution of fault in the accident
  • Whether you could have avoided the collision
  • Factors that led to the accident (excessive speed, intoxication, etc.)
  • The condition of your vehicle before and after the crash
  • The severity of your injuries
  • Whether these injuries are permanent and whether they’ll prevent you from working in your field of expertise
  • Whether there were witnesses who observed the incident, as well as their perceived credibility
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship
  • The overall strength of your personal injury case

In addition to the above-mentioned factors, it is also important to remember the differences in training between a DC commercial truck driver and a regular driver. One of the distinct benefits of working with a DC truck accident lawyer from our firm is the fact that we conduct a thorough investigation of you case in order to compile the above mentioned evidence to the court. Building a strong case and then using that evidence to either negotiate a higher settlement or ultimately pursue litigation in a civil court is our attorneys’ primary goal.  We work for you so that you can focus on healing.

Insurance Companies and DC Truck Accident Claims

Many personal injury cases, truck accident claims included, are settled long before a trial occurs. In instances such as these, the value of your settlement will be determined by the insurance company. This typically begins with a call from a representative of the defendant’s insurance company. You may be offered an initial settlement, though as we previously noted it will likely be far less than the actual value of your claim. The representative will also likely press you on details surrounding the crash, and often people are pressured into admitting fault in cases where they had none. This is one of many areas where the value of retaining qualified counsel can benefit you greatly.

Your DC truck accident lawyer can handle all communication with the defendant’s insurance company and legal representatives. This not only protects you from making any honest mistakes in your statements, it also alleviates a great deal of the burden you will be feel when pressured by aggressive insurance representatives and their attorneys. For those that feel their own insurance company should suffice, we would point out that the truck driver, or the company he or she works for, will have a strong legal team protecting their interests. You should consider the same.

Another factor to consider is that some insurance companies use standardized software to help them determine potential settlement values. The software is not designed to account for pain and suffering and extenuating circumstances that may cause you a great deal of emotional distress. Some of the factors that the software will account for include:

  • The location of both the accident and the potential trial
  • Wages that you’ve lost since the accident
  • Wages that you may continue to lose as a result of your injuries
  • Medical documentation proving the nature and extent of your injuries

Get in Touch with a DC Truck Accident Lawyer for Professional Advice

If you or someone you love suffered significant injuries and damages at the hands of a negligent truck driver, make it a priority to get in touch with a legal professional following your medical treatment. Since truck accidents are known to be worth a significant amount of compensation and the numerous parties that could be held liable, you should retain the help of a DC truck accident attorney to help you get the justice you deserve. The defendant and their insurance company is likely to try to reduce the amount of a case by passing blame onto the victim or casting doubt onto the validity of a claim. With an experienced attorney at your side, you could avoid making crucial errors that could negatively affect the probability of obtain a deserved payout. To begin discussing the details of your case, schedule a consultation today.