DC Fireworks Accident Lawyer

Fireworks have become an American tradition. On holidays such as the Fourth of July, fireworks light up the sky across the country. While District law prohibits many kinds of fireworks, the District or other organizations may obtain special permission to set off fireworks displays for the public’s enjoyment. However, when people choose to celebrate in their own way, fireworks can result in dangerous fires and severe injuries.

If you have suffered an injury because of negligent firework use or a defective product, a DC fireworks accident lawyer may be able to help. A strong personal injury attorney could evaluate the facts that led to your injury and fight to hold negligent parties responsible for your losses.

What Can Cause a Fireworks Accident?

District law strictly regulates the use of fireworks, and any object that explodes, leaves the ground, or has a fuse, is illegal. Unfortunately, people continue to set off these devices in public areas near others and their property. Even a single falling spark may cause a catastrophic fire. Falling debris may also lead to burns or force a person to flee the area. The resulting chaos could result in severe physical injuries.

A DC fireworks accident attorney could help evaluate the events that led to an injury. If another’s use of fireworks has resulted in a person’s injuries, that user could be liable for the damage they cause. An attorney could work to investigate the circumstances of the event and demand fair compensation. Time is not unlimited, however, and any claims must be filed within the three-year statute of limitations under the Code of the District of Columbia § 12-301.

Defective Fireworks Can Cause Serious Damage

Even if someone uses an authorized firework and takes every possible safety precaution, they are still vulnerable to potential injury. These injuries may occur due to a failure by fireworks manufacturers to produce a safe product. Any company that places an item into the marketplace must be sure to make that product as safe as possible and provide proper instructions for safe use.

District law states that the manufacturers of consumer products that cause injuries may be liable for those injuries if the product is inherently unsafe. Other demands for compensation revolve around the idea that a design flaw was the reason for an injury. Here, it is necessary to show that a product was inherently dangerous at the time it was created. A DC fireworks injury lawyer could help pursue cases that allege product liability as the source of a client’s injuries.

Let a DC Fireworks Accident Attorney Protect Your Rights

Firework injuries are most common around the Fourth of July, but they can occur any time of the year when people or companies act in a reckless manner. The manufacturers of firework products have a responsibility to make them as safe as possible, and users must follow all proper instructions for appropriate use. Failures by either of these parties to abide by these responsibilities may cause devastating injuries.

A DC fireworks accident lawyer is ready to hold negligent parties responsible for your losses. This support could include exploring how the injury occurred, identifying all possible defendants, and evaluating how the event has impacted your life. Contact us now to learn how we can help.