How Much Do Lawyers Receive In Car Accident Settlements?

Unlike other attorneys, who often charge a retainer to accept you as a client and represent you in a case, accident injury lawyers work on contingency. This means that they get paid from the case settlement if they win.

Understanding the common attorney fees following a successful car accident settlement might help you manage your expectations and plan how to move forward after resolving your injury claim.

Lawyer Fees

The lawyer’s representation and fee structure are part of the initial contingency fee agreement that a person enters into when they hire a personal injury lawyer. In this agreement, the attorney dictates the percentage of the compensation that will be charged to pay for their legal services.

What Is the Percentage that an Attorney Charges in Car Accident Cases?

On average, fees for car accident lawyers range from 30 to 40 percent. This fee agreement might depend on the stage at which the lawsuit reaches a resolution, the length of the representation, as well as the overall settlement amount.

What Factors Can Affect the Percentage that an Attorney Charges?

If a case settles without requiring the lawyer to file a lawsuit in court, the fee may be shifted toward the lower range percentage. However, if the case goes to court or proceeds through a trial, the attorney may be eligible for a higher percentage of fees due to the additional workload and time taken going to court.

In addition to the stage at which the case resolves, the fee could fluctuate based on the complexity and difficulty of a case. Keep in mind that a lawyer should clearly outline the percentage they are eligible for and the instances that may cause the fee to increase.

What Is the Benefit of a Contingency Fee

The benefit of a contingency fee agreement is that an injured party does not take the brunt of the risk when seeking legal representation for their case. Since there is no upfront cost, the payment to an attorney only occurs if the person receives compensation.

What Does the Settlement Payout Process Look Like?

When a case reaches a successful settlement based on an agreement following negotiations, the party making the payout does it directly to the lawyer first. The attorney holds the funds until the client reviews their final fee calculations, after which the attorney deducts what the client owes, pays any liens or medical providers, and forwards the remaining compensation to the client.

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