Maryland Professional License Defense Lawyer

Joining your profession and building the necessary credentials to do so was not easy. You spent time, money, and energy becoming a licensed professional. Now, all your hard work is in jeopardy as you face a licensure problem with a regulatory agency.

Whether you are a nurse, doctor, dentist, or attorney, consider hiring a Maryland professional license defense lawyer. With years of experience handling license-related issues, working with a dedicated attorney could greatly increase your chances of getting a favorable outcome in your case.

Conduct Commonly Harming Professional Licensure

Each licensed profession is governed by a separate body of law. However, nearly all professions in Maryland have rules prohibiting similar conduct by regulated individuals. There are many actions that can, and do, get professionals into trouble, including:

  • A conviction of a felony or a crime of ‘moral turpitude,’ meaning fraudulent or dishonest behavior was involved. This is a disciplinable offense for doctors, real estate agents, dentists, and psychiatrists.
  • Habitual intoxication and/or drug addiction similar is discouraged and punishable by many regulating bodies.
  • Unethical behavior is similar prohibited, but the exact meaning of ‘ethical conduct’ depends on the particular profession’s code of ethics.
  • Sexual misconduct with a client or patient is also problematic or forbidden for many professionals.

After an offense has been committed, there is typically an investigation. During this critical period, it is important to actively be working on your defense with a local attorney. Be it collecting records or finding person’s willing to testify on your behalf, actively working to defend yourself can be immeasurably helpful.

Consequences to an Adverse Ruling

Nearly all professions have similar punishments for wrongdoing. In some cases, this may be a mild written warming from a governing agency, while in other cases, a license could be suspended or revoked completely. A person’s disciplinary history may also then become part of a public record, meaning any member of the public could learn of that professional’s conduct. This could affect your business going forward, as the negative press of disciplinary actions can scare away patients or clients.

Following an adverse ruling, you may have the ability to appeal the decision. Many Maryland agencies permit review only through the state judiciary. In these situations, appealing a decision requires a person to go to a different venue than the one that originally disciplined them. Further, many agencies will not stay their disciplinary actions, such as a suspension, during an appeal in state court.

Finally, reinstating a license typically requires compliance with the order that suspended or revoked the licensure in the first place. Some agencies also require a period of time to pass, as well as remedial courses. It could be burdensome to comply with these rules to get your license back after you lose it.

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Your livelihood depends on your license to practice in your profession. Facing problems with your license could severely harm your business and its future. Hire a dedicated Maryland professional license defense lawyer to help you defend your rights and commercial future. Call right away to get started.