Maryland Nursing Home Wheelchair Accidents Lawyer

A wheelchair accident can be catastrophic, not to mention incredibly upsetting for victims. Wheelchairs can be safe havens for nursing home residents, allowing them mobility to socialize, and be more independent.

However, when a wheelchair accident occurs due to the negligence of a nursing home facility or its staff, an experienced Maryland nursing home wheelchair accidents attorney can help families seek compensation for their loved one’s injuries.

Wheelchair Accidents in Nursing Homes

Each year, there are roughly 300,000 serious wheelchair accidents. Wheelchair accidents can be especially dangerous, since the weight of the wheelchair can come down on top of the victim, and the velocity of the wheelchair can increase the force with which the resident falls from the chair. In other words, a wheelchair accident can be an especially severe fall, and can send a victim into a downward spiral of health problems.

Victims can suffer lacerations, head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, including hip fractures, and neck injuries requiring surgery, hospital stays, and months of recovery and physical therapy. Other times, wheelchair injuries can occur without an accident, such as when pressure sores develop from being left in the chair for too long.

Common Causes of Wheelchair Accidents in Nursing Homes

Many wheelchair accidents involve possible negligence on the part of the nursing home, such as by:

  • Not properly securing the wheelchair during transport, or not properly securing the resident in their wheelchair, so that their limbs may become stuck or tangled in the wheelchair parts
  • Selecting the wrong wheelchair or using a wheelchair not fitted properly to the resident using it, or to their specific needs
  • Not properly maintaining the wheelchair itself
  • Failing to train staff members about safe wheelchair use, or safe transfer of residents from bed to wheelchair
  • Using the wheelchair on unsafe or unstable surfaces, including slippery floors, or parking the wheelchair on an incline, or in a location where it is likely to be tipped or bumped
  • Forgetting to lock the brakes on the wheelchair, or leaving the resident unattended in the wheelchair for too long
  • Using wheelchair ramps in disrepair or facilities not properly maintained with hazards in the way, loose flooring, etc.

Whatever caused a victim’s wheelchair accident, an experienced Maryland nursing home accidents attorney who handles wheelchair accidents can help victims explore their options for seeking compensation from the negligent nursing home or staff member.

Work with a Maryland Nursing Home Wheelchair Accidents Attorney Today

No matter the circumstances that led to your loved one’s wheelchair accident in their nursing home, the incident can be investigated by your skilled Maryland nursing home wheelchair accidents lawyer.

Not all wheelchair accidents at nursing homes are the fault of the facility or staff, but most of them can be prevented when reasonable precautions are in place.

A court may find the nursing home responsible for compensating your loved one for their damages, including medical bills, surgery, hospital stays, pain and suffering and other damages. They may even be eligible for punitive damages meant to punish the wrongdoing party and deter future bad conduct on the part of the nursing home.

Your experienced Maryland nursing home wheelchair accidents lawyer can evaluate the case and determine what type of damages your family may be able to pursue.