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Whether it occurred in a car wreck, as a result of careless medical treatment, due to a defective product or medication, or even from an attack by a domesticated animal, a serious personal injury can have a negative impact on every aspect of your life. On top of that, holding a negligent person accountable for the damages they caused you can be a time-consuming and procedurally complex endeavor, especially if you have little prior experience with civil law.

If you want the best chances possible of a favorable case resolution, you should strongly consider retaining a Washington DC Jewish personal injury lawyer. Seeking help from a Seth Price, a dedicated personal injury attorney and an active member of Congregation Beth El could be key to getting you compensation for all your recoverable losses.

Legal Negligence as Grounds for Personal Injury Litigation

With a few notable exceptions for unique types of claims, most personal injury cases that Washington DC residents pursue center around a concept called “legal negligence.” This principle is what allows accident victims to hold other people financially liable for ensuing injuries even if the other person did not intentionally try to cause anyone any harm.

To be found negligent and therefore held accountable for damages, a named defendant in a civil claim must first have owed a duty of care to the injured person, or plaintiff filing suit against or demanding a settlement from them. This means the defendant must have had an implicit or explicit responsibility to act as a reasonable person would under the circumstances that led to the accident in question.

Then, the plaintiff must show through a preponderance of all available evidence that the defendant violated their duty of care by acting irresponsibly, and that this “breach of duty” was the direct cause of the plaintiff’s accident. Finally, the plaintiff must name specific compensable losses they are seeking compensation for and connect them directly to the accident in question. A knowledgeable Washington DC Jewish personal injury attorney could provide crucial assistance proving every element of negligence and strengthening a case for financial restitution.

How Long Does a Personal Injury Victim Have to File Suit?

Even if a personal injury plaintiff can prove fault by a defendant for their damages, they may end up without any compensation if they wait too long before beginning the litigation process. According to D.C. Code §12-301, anyone who waits more than three years after discovering they suffered harm due to negligence no longer has grounds to file suit over that particular incident.

The applicable time limit is even shorter if the defendant in a prospective claim is an agency or employee of the D.C. government. In this situation, the deadline to notify the appropriate government entity of intent to file suit is six months following discovery of an injury, making it even more important to retain a Jewish personal injury lawyer in Washington DC as quickly as possible after an accident.

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Pursuing civil compensation in the District of Columbia can be a uniquely tricky prospect, particularly for unrepresented plaintiffs. Insurance adjusters and defense lawyers alike pressure plaintiffs without an experienced personal injury attorney into accepting a lowball settlement offer, or even into dropping their case without anything to show for it.

With Seth Price, a Washington DC Jewish personal injury lawyer by your side, you could effectively and efficiently pursue the financial restitution you deserve. Call today to get started on your case.

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