Benefits of a DC Civil Litigation Attorney

One of the benefits of a DC civil litigation attorney is that they will be familiar with the laws and the judges in the jurisdiction. Each judge in the civil division has their own order that sets forth how to practice when they are appearing. It is imperative to know what each judge wants attorneys to do with their submissions. That includes how the judge wants them to handle certain issues such as discovery disputes or to address other issues that may arise before that judge.

It is important that they understand how judges will address legal issues in the District of Columbia. If they have experience with any of that, it is easier to appear and it is less likely they will make a mistake. Read below to learn more about how an experienced civil litigation lawyer could help you.

Estimating Financial Costs of Litigating a Case

A benefit of a DC civil litigation attorney is that they will be able to estimate the cost of litigating a case because they will know how long it takes to get from A to Z in a case and the cost to the claimant. How much work will have to go into it is not an exact science, but they should be able to give an estimate of how much a case is going to cost the attorney or the claimant for each phase of the litigation.

If a claimant sits down at the beginning and develops a game plan that each party agrees to, the attorney is sort of forced to work within the individual’s budget. The attorney should not go beyond what is budgeted for and the claimant should not pay more than the agreed amount. That can always be changed as the case develops, but it is generally best to know upfront what the financial limitations of a case are because it affects how an attorney should litigate, if at all. It might just mean that the attorney should undertake either settlement discussions and try to resolve the dispute or not get involved at all if the claimant is going to have to pay for the full cost of the case.

Importance of Communicating

A lawyer’s word is all they have, so it is crucial that the claimant understands the lawyer’s view in the case and that they are able to express clearly what those views are as to the strengths and weaknesses of the case. And, it is important that they are able to communicate with the judge in a sophisticated manner, so the judge takes them seriously, takes their argument seriously, and takes their claimant’s position seriously. The written and spoken word has to be clear and concise and presented in a professional manner that is respected by everyone involved in the case.

Facilitating Interactions Between the Opposing Parties

Sometimes, the attorney should know whether there is a way to prevail for the claimant other than through litigation. Other times, it is in the claimant’s best interests to reach out to the other side and see whether they could work out a deal that involves everyone getting less than 100 percent of what they want. Then, the attorney should always be looking for a way to resolve the dispute without going to court because it is in the claimant’s best interest to avoid court.

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