Buying or selling a business, whether it’s your first or fifteenth, is always a challenge. Even when you think you have planned for everything or seen it all, there is always a new problem. Even worse, there is often a missed opportunity to make or save money on the deal.

Regardless of how many businesses you have bought or sold, our transactional group attorneys have extensive experience to cater to your needs. They are trained to look out for the problems, and, more importantly, the opportunities. By providing advice on corporate, securities, tax, real estate and employment matters, our attorneys can spot the issues before they become deal-stoppers or unexpected expenses. Trained in the art of the deal and the fundamentals of buying, we will help you assess the opportunity, negotiate the terms, navigate the due diligence, spot the hidden opportunities, and close the deal.

Planning to use other resources to finance the acquisition? Whether the money is coming from a relative or a pool of investors, we have significant experience in plotting a course through the strategic and legal steps it takes to create an investment structure and term sheet that is appealing to investors and rewarding to the promoters.

Our clients have bought and sold businesses across the full spectrum of industries, ranging from software companies, to government contractors, to medical product manufacturers and distributors.

We also have a wide network of business brokers, investment bankers, commercial bankers accountants, consultants and other advisors who can provide ample knowledge and help source your next deal.

We can even solve the riddle that plagues anyone planning to buy or sell a business: what will the legal fees be? We encourage our clients to consider a flat-fee arrangement for the legal fees, instead of relying on an unpredictable bill-by-the-hour approach.