Virginia Professional License Defense Lawyer

You studied hard in school, you passed your licensing exam, and you built a career you can be proud of. Now, everything is in jeopardy as you face the suspension or revocation of your professional license. Although this is a frightening experience with your livelihood on the line, you retain the right to defend yourself during this confusing process.

Work with an experienced Virginia professional license defense lawyer to take every step you can to protect your professional status. You are entitled to due process protections, and a dedicated local defense attorney could work to protect your business future.

Initial Hearing Phase of a Licensing Issue

It is important to know what your fight for your license will look like. Title 18 of the Virginia Code sets forth the regulating authority of the state for various professions. Each profession is governed by its own section, meaning the procedures could vary between professions. However, nearly all governing agencies are subject to the Virginia Administrative Procedure Act (“APA”) which provides a variety of due process protections.

Typically, an issue involving an individual’s license will begin with a complaint and investigation. Each agency has its owner investigatory power, and this power may vary.

If this threshold is met, agencies will then hold a hearing on the merits of the case. Individuals under scrutiny must be given notice of the following:

  • The time and location of the hearing.
  • (ii) The basic authority which the agency is acting under such as the governing statute and regulations for the particular profession.
  • (iii) the facts and law asserted by the agency.
  • (iv) contact information for the agency’s representative in the matter at hand.

At the hearing, an individual may have counsel present. Findings and decisions are on the record and may be appealed.

Appeal and other Options

After a final decision, an individual has several options to appeal the decision and potentially get it overturned.

First, the party may file a petition for reconsideration of that ruling. This petition must be filed within 15 days of the final decision. The time it takes the agency to respond, and the weight of the lower ruling depends entirely on the agency whether the reviewing body is a board or a single director.

If the agency refuses to reconsider, or they reconsider but maintain the ruling, the next option is to file with a NoVa state court. A judicial court may or may not review the case more favorably than the agency did, potentially making an appeal a strategic choice.

Hire a Virginia Professional License Defense Lawyer Today

Dealing with your professional license being suspended or revoked is a challenging thing for anyone. The consequences of loosing your license could be dire and the legal process may be extremely difficult. Consider hiring a Virginia professional license defense lawyer to represent you. Your license is too important to surrender without a fight, call today to get started.