DC Catastrophic Burn Injury Lawyer

Burn injuries are among the most severe categories of injuries that an individual can sustain. They require extensive care, and can be extremely painful to suffer from. It is unacceptable for an individual to suffer from a burn injury due to the negligence of another.

If you have found yourself a victim of a burn injury of no fault of your own, it is pertinent to contact a DC catastrophic burn injury lawyer immediately. A catastrophic injury attorney can help fight to receive justice, and to recover any and all damages you may be entitled to.

Causes of Burns

Burns can occur for any number of reasons, and each case is examined and inspected on an individual basis. A burn injury is a type of injury that is compensable when the burn is caused solely by the negligence of another party. DC, Maryland, and Virginia all have contributory negligence laws. Contributory negligence means that if the injured person is even one percent responsible for his or her injuries, then the claim is barred from recovery.

Thus, a close investigation will be performed as to how the burn occurred in order to evaluate whether a potential contributory negligence defense could be raised. This can be best established with the guidance of an experienced DC catastrophic burn injury lawyer.

Types of Burns

The categorization of burns is done by a trained and qualified medical professional. A catastrophic burn injury attorney in DC will work with the treating physicians in order to evaluate the medical documentation, as well as the injury sustained by the injured person. Through this communication, the attorney will obtain a complete and full understanding of the nature and extent of the injuries, and utilize that information both through the necessary medical documentation and the requisite medical testimony.

This is done to ensure that the jury has a complete and full understanding as to the nature and extent of the injuries sustained, the short-term effects, as well as the long-term effects, if any.

Effects of a Burn

The effects of a severe burn can vary depending on the nature and extent of the injury, the age of the injured person, and the location of the burn, among many other factors. These factors will be evaluated and considered by a trained and qualified personal injury attorney, and this information will be presented throughout the claim in order to receive the maximum recovery available.

Seeking Medical Attention

Anyone who has sustained a severe burn should seek medical attention at the nearest emergency room as he or she sees fit.

It is always best for a person to seek medical attention in order to confirm there will be no longstanding effects, such as infection or scarring, due to the burn. Thus, even the most minor of incidents should be evaluated by a medical professional.

Role of Evidence

Evidence in a burn injury case takes the same form as any other civil case. A qualified personal injury attorney will take the necessary steps in order to advance the burn case as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The steps necessary to collect and present the evidence are determined on a case-by-case basis. Each case is unique, with individual circumstances. Thus, a person who is trained and experienced in personal injury law will know what is necessary and expected based on the facts and circumstances of that individual case.

Benefits of an Attorney

The next thing a person should do who has been burned due to the negligence of another is to consult with a qualified DC catastrophic burn injury lawyer. This will allow the attorney to investigate the incident and work toward processing the claims as soon as possible.

An injured person should seek an attorney who has experience handling similar type of claims in the jurisdiction where the incident occurred. The experience of the attorney is paramount in determining his or her ability to process the claim. Thus, experience is a very important consideration when consulting with and retaining an attorney.

The DC catastrophic burn injury attorney’s role in processing the claim is to facilitate and coordinate all of the efforts concerning medical documentation and records, expert medical testimony of the treating physicians, and testimony offered by the injured person in the best manner possible. That way, the jury has an overall picture of the nature and extent of injuries and the permanency of the injury in order to reach an informed and logical conclusion in awarding damages.