DC Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Suffering a catastrophic injury can turn a person’s life upside-down in an instant. All of a sudden, there are an abundance of different problems to worry about that could be overwhelming for any individual. In these situations, it is of the utmost importance to contact an experienced DC catastrophic injury lawyer to help put some of these frustrations at ease. A knowledgeable injury attorney can help relieve any heavy burdens that may be on your shoulders, and assist in retrieving any damages¬†that you justly deserve.

Defining a Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic injury is a term that generally refers to a severe injury to the spine, spinal cord, or brain, which may include skull or spinal fractures. One unique aspect of a catastrophic injury case is that it is approached in a very different manner than a typical personal injury case. Catastrophic injury cases will have a long-standing effect on the injured person, which will require the claim to be processed accordingly. This may include the use of an economist or a life care plan in order to quantify the economic damages for the remainder of the injured person’s life. The amount of damages can be different in catastrophic injury cases. However, the economics of each case is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Initial Steps

The first thing that someone should know if they have suffered a catastrophic injury is that they should consult with a qualified and experienced DC catastrophic injury attorney as soon as possible. The proper lawyer will best be able to assess the situation, and advise their client accordingly.

Next, an injured person should know that they have the right to be compensated for their injuries. Catastrophic injuries can have a significant effect on both the individual and their family well into the future. A person should not only be concentrating on their immediate injuries, but also the long-term effects of those injuries.

Finally, a person should understand that simply because they have suffered a catastrophic injury, it does not mean that the at-fault party will voluntarily agree to compensate the injured person for the injuries he or she sustained. Catastrophic injuries are defended most vigorously because the stakes are so high. Therefore, it is imperative for the injured person to consult with a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Filing a Claim on Behalf of a Loved One

A person’s spouse or next-of-kin can reach out on behalf of the injured party. How that claim will be initiated, as well as the type of attorney retained, depends on the facts and circumstances of the individual case. If a person already has a power of attorney in place, then the issue is very simple. If not, then the issue can be slightly more complicated. A qualified and experienced DC catastrophic injury attorney can deal with any type of issue with regard to the authority on behalf of the injured person during the initial consultation.

Most attorneys are more than happy to travel to where the injured person is located in order to conduct the initial consultation. If a person is limited in his or her capability of communicating, that issue will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Importance of an Attorney

It is always important to have a good attorney-client relationship throughout the course of the claim, especially in catastrophic injury cases. There will be certain times in which the injured person and/or his or her family are required to rely upon the advice of the DC catastrophic injury attorney. If there is a good working relationship between the attorney and his or her client, then the injured person and/or his or her family will trust in the advice provided.

Anyone who is consulting with a catastrophic injury attorney in DC regarding their case should inquire as to that attorney’s knowledge and experience in handling similar types of claims. The injured person or his or her family should also inquire as to the attorney’s knowledge in handling claims in the particular jurisdiction where the incident occurred. While many of these claims may seem similar, the particulars of the area in which it occurred, the nature of the jury, and any other local rules may be an important factor in processing a claim.