Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Early?

Why Is It Important to Hire an Attorney Early in the Process?

The best way to maximize what you’re entitled to is to be advised along the way. It’s extremely important and there is absolutely no reason to wait. Many times life and schedules get in the way, and people think that that’s not going to be used against them, for example. People don’t know that having gaps in treatment or being non-compliant will be used against them and how vitally important it is to not let these other things get in the way.

They can really hurt themselves both in the way of treatment, and in the sense of what will happen if they don’t get it. Many times if you don’t get preventative treatment and you don’t follow along with the right regiment, then you’re going to have chronic problems later on down the line.

An experienced attorney is going to make sure that the treatment is orchestrated well, that they’re following up the way they’re supposed to, and that if other specialists need to be involved, that they’re involved. It’s very important to the overall outcome of the case that people are advised and educated along the way as to what to do, how to do it, and why to do it that way.

Advice for People With First Time Personal Injury Cases

It is important to be counseled. They don’t have to do anything – they don’t have to file a claim, they don’t have to take a claim all the way to litigation – but those are decisions they should make after being educated. There’s no cost to getting an attorney in a personal injury case because we all work on a contingency fee basis. We only get paid if we’re successful in getting a recovery, and most attorneys will front the cost. Fees and costs will come out if there’s a successful recovery, but if there is not a successful recovery, they don’t pay anything.

There’s absolutely no reason not to get counseled and then make decisions. If they want to pursue a case, they pursue a case. If they don’t want to pursue a case, they don’t do it, but at least they’ve done it on an educated basis. You don’t buy a car and walk in not knowing anything about the vehicle you’re going to buy. You’ve researched. You’ve looked at different models. You’ve looked at different makes. You don’t go to just any doctor, you get different opinions about what’s going on, and it’s the same with a legal case.

You need to be advised. You need to be educated in making decisions. The best way to do that is from the very beginning, before any actions, any statements, and any dealings with the insurance company. Before any of that happens, seek the counsel of an attorney who can advise you of the best way to proceed, what to expect, and how to make a proper decision. It’s a no-lose situation to get an attorney involved, because the attorney is going to maximize the result, maximize the outcome, and earn every bit of their fee along the way in terms of educating and handling the case with knowledge and experience.