The mere allegation of a violation of Washington DC law can forever change a defendant’s life. An initial arrest can be a traumatizing experience, and police officers can use aggressive interrogation techniques to try and extract a confession. It is important to remember that you never need to answer their questions and have the right to an attorney. Police investigators are skilled at extracting incriminating information during questioning, but a legal professional could help prevent missteps while advocating for your best interests.

Whether the allegation involves a traffic violation, a misdemeanor, or a felony, a DC criminal defense lawyer may be able to protect your rights. Dedicated attorneys could work to help you through the entire life of your case, from initial arrest and arraignment, to pre-trial hearings, through a final trial. A conviction on your criminal record could follow you for years to come, but with help from legal counsel, you could increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

Criminal Prosecution in Washington DC

Washington DC has its own criminal code much like any of the 50 states. These laws contain all the common criminal offenses.

It is important to understand how these charges are different from alleged violations of United States law. It can be helpful to equate Washington DC charges with allegations of violating a state law. Typically, a criminal allegation anywhere in the country is investigated by a local police force, and charges are brought by a district attorney. In Washington DC, the Metropolitan Police Department, United States Capitol Police, United States Park Police, or another law enforcement agency in the District can arrest a person for an alleged violation of DC law, but the case is prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s Office. In addition, the case is heard by a Washington DC judge in a DC Superior Courthouse.

Let a DC Criminal Defense Attorney Assist You

Being arrested for any alleged violation of the law can be a frightening and intimidating experience. Even for allegations of a misdemeanor level offense, police officers have the ability to take a person into custody, to submit them to powerful interrogation techniques, and to hold them in jail until an arraignment. It is essential that people in this position be aware of their rights and to take steps to protect their future.

A DC criminal defense lawyer could provide valuable representation and a strong defense in court. They work to protect your Constitutional rights and to formulate a defense that meets your specific goals and that is fitted to the facts of your case. Every stage of a case is vital and the more time an attorney has to work on your case the better the chances of success. Contact an experienced attorney immediately to let them get to work protecting you.

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