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Allegations of criminal activity in Washington DC are unique in the United States. Since Washington DC is not a state but is a federal district, the United States Attorney’s Office pursues all criminal activity that is alleged to have occurred in the District.

It should be noted that most of these cases are not tried in United States District Courts. This is because Washington DC has its own legal code that govern the behavior of its residents and visitors. As a result, an alleged violation of Washington DC law is heard by the criminal division of the District of Columbia Superior Court.

Whether the allegation involves a traffic violation, a misdemeanor, or a felony, a DC criminal defense lawyer may be able to protect your rights. Dedicated attorneys could work to help you through the entire life of your case from initial arrest and arraignment, to pre-trial hearings, through a final trial.

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The mere allegation of a violation of Washington DC law can forever change a defendant’s life. An initial arrest can be a traumatizing experience and police officers can use aggressive interrogation techniques to try and extract a confession. It is important to remember that you never need to answer their questions and have the right to an attorney during all questioning sessions.

Washington DC

An attorney also works to protect your Constitutional rights during every phase of the case in court. It is also important to remember that every phase of the case is crucial. An initial hearing, known as an arraignment, will decide important questions moving forward such as pre-trial conditions of release and the production of evidence by prosecutors. A lawyer could also work to weaken the prosecutor’s case long before the charges get to trial. By examining the legality of the police work that led to the arrest and how the police gathered evidence, attorneys could file pre-trial motions designed to exclude this evidence from a future trial.

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