Virginia Jewish Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being accused of a crime can be a frightening experience even if you have dealt with criminal allegations before, but especially if this is your first time facing prosecution by state authorities. It is important to remain as calm as possible and take proactive action to protect your best interests, as any kind of conviction in the state of Virginia could have serious criminal and non-criminal repercussions that may last for years.

You could boost your chances of getting a favorable outcome in court by working with a qualified defense attorney who has handled cases like yours successfully in the past. A seasoned Virginia Jewish criminal defense lawyer could work tenaciously on your behalf to preserve your rights and pursue a beneficial resolution to the charges against you.

Misdemeanor Charges in Virginia

Code of Virginia §18.2-9 sets ten total classes that criminal offenses may fall into, six of which are categorized as felonies and four of which are categorized as misdemeanors. As per VA Code §18.2-11, Class 4 and Class 3 misdemeanor convictions may result only in respective maximum fines of $250 and $500 and do not allow for jail terms. Class 2 misdemeanors are punishable by six months in county jail and a $1,000 fine, while Class 1 misdemeanors can lead to maximum sentences of one year in jail and $2,000 in fines upon conviction.

Even though a defendant accused of a misdemeanor may not be facing years behind bars, there are many other potential repercussions from a conviction that could have lasting effects. Misdemeanor DUI, drug, and domestic violence convictions may result in mandatory license suspensions and/or participation in counseling, and even one prior conviction of any kind could significantly limit someone’s educational and occupational opportunities.

With help from a Virginia Jewish criminal defense attorney, it may be possible to mitigate the worst of these effects and negotiate for a more favorable arrangement. In some situations, first-time offenders may be eligible for alternative sentencing arrangements or diversion programs instead of jail time following a misdemeanor conviction.

What Consequences Could a Felony Conviction Have?

VA Code §18.2-10 establishes the following sentencing guidelines for the six classes of felony offenses defined under state law:

  • Class 6 felonies – One to five years in prison, or 12 months in jail and a $2,500 fine at the court’s discretion
  • Class 5 felonies – One to ten years in prison, or 12 months in jail and a $2,500 fine at the court’s discretion
  • Class 4 felonies – Two to ten years in prison, plus a maximum $100,000 fine
  • Class 3 felonies – Five to 20 years in prison, plus a maximum $100,000 fine
  • Class 2 felonies – 20 years to a life sentence in prison, plus a maximum $100,000 fine
  • Class 1 felonies – capital punishment for convicted individuals over 18 years old and of sound mind, or life in prison plus a maximum $100,000 fine for minors and/or intellectually disabled individuals

First convictions for felony offenses can still result in life-changing sanctions, so working with a skilled Jewish criminal defense lawyer in Virginia may be essential to effectively contesting charges of this severity.

A Virginia Jewish Criminal Defense Attorney Could Help

There is no single best course of action for a criminal case, whether you are facing misdemeanor charges or felony allegations. With that in mind, seeking professional legal guidance is often crucial to identifying the optimal defense strategy and executing on it effectively.

If you have been charged with any kind of crime in Virginia, a Jewish criminal defense lawyer could be the dependable ally you need to protect your best interests and legal rights. Call today for a consultation.