Settlements in Washington DC Personal Injury Cases

Settlements in Washington DC personal injury cases vary in size and will depend on a plethora of legal factors and circumstances. There is no guarantee a company will offer a settlement to a plaintiff during a trial. If they do, there is no guarantee a plaintiff will accept.

If you or someone you know is currently deciding on accepting a settlement, it may be wise to consult an experienced attorney with a history of winning personal injury lawsuits.

When you are offered a settlement, it may seem like a lot of money. In reality, you may be able to receive a larger payout if you proceed with litigation.

The Truth About Personal Injury Awards

When the public hears about a multi-million-dollar settlement in regards to a seemingly small event, they are typically hearing about punitive damages. A person or party that is awarded a remarkably large sum of money often do not receive the full sum.

While punitive damages are awarded solely to punish a defendant and prevent them from engaging in the same behavior in the future, they are not always awarded for simple negligence. These types of awards are typically only awarded when a defendant engages in a gross negligence or acts with the intent to harm the plaintiff.

In many cases, a jury could decide on an award amount. A judge could reduce the amount for legal reasons. In some cases, the lawyer of the defendant may appeal the decision of the jury in an effort to have the award amount reduced.

What is a Settlement?

After an accident, the defendant may attempt to offer the plaintiff court settlements in Washington DC personal injury cases. A settlement is a sum of money offered to the plaintiff in an attempt to prevent further litigation. Plaintiffs are not legally obligated to accept a settlement. If they do choose to accept, they may not continue the lawsuit.

Insurance companies and large organizations may offer settlements that do not fully cover the expenses incurred by the plaintiff. This is important to keep in mind, and injured individuals are recommended never accept a settlement without consulting their lawyer first.

An attorney could help injured individuals weigh the pros and cons of accepting a settlement and provide them with the guidance they need to obtain the maximum financial award.

How is the Size of a Settlement Determined?

For court settlements in Washington DC personal injury cases, companies and organizations will typically take a variety of factors into consideration before making an offer. When offering a settlement, insurance companies or organizations may consider the following factors when calculating the size of the award:

  • Whether the company acted with malicious intent
  • The type of physical and mental injuries sustained by the plaintiff
  • The likelihood of the plaintiff being awarded a larger sum by a judge or jury
  • Financial damages incurred by the plaintiff
  • The potential for media attention

If a company believes a case will draw a substantial amount of negative media attention or the public will sympathize with the plaintiff, they could be far more likely to offer a large settlement.

Learn More About Court Settlements in Washington DC Personal Injury Cases

It could be important to consider all of your legal options before accepting or refusing a settlement from the defendant. While there is typically no surefire way to determine the size of out-of-court settlements in Washington DC personal injury cases, the right lawyer may be able to help you make the right decision. Contact an attorney to learn more about legal settlements today.