DC Breach of Contract Lawyer

The law in the District of Columbia is generally similar to the law in other jurisdictions regarding failure to perform contractual duties. If a person does not do what is required of them and what they agreed to do in a legally binding contract without adequate justification, they may be considered in breach of contract. This could lead to significant financial liability and long-term consequences. In these situations, it is essential that a party who is allegedly in breach consult a DC breach of contract lawyer. A local attorney could leverage their experience to help defend you and your business.

The Different Levels of Contract Breaches

There are material breaches and non-material breaches of contract. A non-material breach is an issue or perceived violation that does not go to the heart of the parties’ agreement. This is often something on the side or regarding expectations of professionalism, service, or the use of certain processes and communication during the performance of a contracted task. However, a material breach is much more serious and deals with non-performance of the core aspect or aspects of the written contract. This could be failing to complete the service that was paid for or failing to deliver purchased goods. In many cases, there may be debate over what qualifies as a material or non-material breach.

The Role of a Lawyer in DC Breach of Contract Cases

A lawyer may be used by an accusing party to explain to the party allegedly in breach that their behavior is not in line with the expectations outlined in a contract. If the final goods or services have not been delivered, it could serve as a warning to get what is expected per the agreement before everything is complete. This may be a good option for everybody involved as the paying party could then get the service they sought , and the party allegedly in breach does not face penalty or need to go to court.

However, in many situations, a paying party may be tired of minor breaches or repeated non-performance. In these cases, they may have given the other party enough chances to comply with the terms of the contract, but non-performance was still an issue. The only way to resolve these situations would be to allege that the contract has been breached. This is often because a party has lost too much money due to non-performance or the other party missed a key deadline.

Who Determines if a Contract Has Been Breached?

At first, it will be between a party to the contract and their local contract violation attorney to determine if the breach is material enough to either issue a complaint to the other party or take the case to court. Ultimately, the decision about whether there was a breach would be a judge if the contract contains a jury waiver, or it could be a jury who decides whether or not there was a breach. In other situations, often when dealing with corporate contracts that have a forced arbitration clause, the breach issue may be handled by a third-party arbitrator who would then hand down a binding resolution to the dispute.

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Contracts are legally binding and carry a great deal of responsibility. If you believe that someone working for you violated their terms or if you have been accused of non-performance, it is wise to consult a DC breach of contract lawyer. An experienced local attorney could help you fight for the legal resolution you need. Call today to get started on your case.