Maryland Prostitution Lawyer

Although many view prostitution as a crime without a victim, prostitution remains illegal in Maryland and the majority of the United States. You may face harsh penalties for a prostitution arrest, create a permanent criminal record for yourself, and suffer the social stigma of a prostitution conviction. Enlisting the help of a Maryland prostitution lawyer may be crucial to your ability to avoid these unwanted repercussions.

Having a skilled attorney may allow you to attack the credibility of the evidence against you and avoid punishment for an unjust prosecution. You also may be able to oppose badgering by police and seek a reduction or dismissal of the charges against you. With legal counsel, you may have a better understanding of the charges against and how to most effectively fight back against them.

Charges and Penalties for Prostitution in Maryland

Under Md. Code, Crim. Law § 11-301, prostitution involves sexual activities, contact, or vaginal intercourse in exchange for money or something of value. § 11-303 makes knowingly engaging in prostitution a criminal offense. Individuals also violate this section when they occupy a building, structure, or vehicle for prostitution.

Likewise, assignation, or arranging to hire a prostitute for sexual activity, also is illegal. Using a building, structure, or vehicle for assignation violates this code section, as well.

Both prostitution and assignation are misdemeanors under Maryland law, which can result in a maximum one-year jail sentence and a $500 fine. However, unlike in some states, prosecutors can file these criminal charges days, months, or even years after they occur. As a prostitution lawyer in Maryland may advise, state law does not place a statute of limitations on prostitution or assignation.

Prostitution-Related Offenses

“Pimping,” which includes intentionally profiting financially from prostitution or hiding the origin of money from prostitution, human trafficking, or a brothel, is a criminal offense under § 11-304. Although pimping is still a misdemeanor offense under Maryland law, the consequences can be more severe. More specifically, individuals convicted of this offense can serve up to ten years in prison and pay a fine of up to $10,000.

Under § 11-307, persons may not allow, admit, or maintain a building, structure, or vehicle that is under their control to be used by anyone for prostitution or assignation. A violation of this code section also is a misdemeanor offense that carries the possibility of a one-year jail sentence and a $500 fine.

Furthermore, § 11-306 outlines the criminal offense of intentionally soliciting or procuring, or offering to solicit or obtain, prostitution or assignation. This offense can result in the same standard misdemeanor penalties as prostitution or assignation. Individuals facing prostitution-related charges may want to get the advice of a Maryland prostitution lawyer before pleading guilty or making any significant decisions on their charges.

Collateral Consequences of a Prostitution Conviction

Although the penalties for a prostitution conviction are minor in comparison to some other criminal convictions, the collateral consequences can be harsh. Professionally, allegations of prostitution can result in job loss, difficulty getting admitted to graduate or professional school, and even problems securing housing. A prostitution conviction results in a permanent criminal record whose existence can be hard to overcome in some situations.

Furthermore, the aftereffects of a prostitution arrest on your relationships can be devastating. Marriages and other long-term relationships quickly can falter because of these allegations. Working with legal counsel may allow you to minimize or reduce the impact of these accusations on your life.

Work with a Maryland Prostitution Attorney

Whether your prostitution charges result from an online police sting operation, a mistake, or a momentary lapse in judgment, the stakes are high in a prostitution case. Avoiding a conviction or reducing the charges may be more realistic with the help of a Maryland prostitution lawyer. Together, you can build a strong defense to the charges that you are facing.

Legal counsel may be able to raise defenses and mitigating factors on your behalf that alter the outcome of your case. With a clear understanding of the law and how it applies to your circumstances, you may be able to make more informed decisions about resolving your case. You also will be able to ask questions and address your concerns as they arise throughout your criminal proceedings. Book a consultation today.