We represent both purchasers and sellers of individual properties and property portfolios. Even though we focus on the details, we don’t miss the big picture – closing the sale and providing the maximum value to you. A well-integrated team of transactional group attorneys with hands-on real estate experience, we talk the business of real estate as well as the law of real estate.

By combining our experience with a cadre of title, survey, environmental and property condition inspection providers, we can deliver an efficient, thorough and prompt closing.

We also have extensive experience in advising clients on financing real estate transactions. Unlike many other law firms, we never represent lenders. Because we represent so many borrowers, we have a firm grasp of understanding how the lenders, and more importantly, how their attorneys think.

Whether the loan is a conventional bank loan or a HUD loan for an acquisition or a refinance, we have done it throughout the country with a variety of lenders. We also have extensive experience in mezzanine loans.

Planning to use other people’s money to finance the acquisition? Whether the money is coming from a relative or a pool of investors, we have significant experience in plotting a course through the strategic and legal steps it takes to create an investment structure that is appealing to investors and rewarding to the promoters.

We can even solve the riddle that plagues anyone planning to buy or sell a property: what will the legal fees be? We encourage our clients to consider a flat-fee arrangement for the legal fees, instead of relying on an unpredictable bill-by-the-hour approach.