Evidence in DC Spinal Cord Injury Cases

Someone suffering from an injury to their spinal cord is likely dealing with a lot of pain, discomfort, even paralysis. These injuries are incredibly serious and can have a huge impact on someone’s life. When trying to build a case for a client that is suffering from an injury to their spine, a DC spinal cord injury lawyer will conduct extensive research and look at as much available evidence as possible. An attorney’s main goal is to help their client receive reparations for their pain and suffering.

DC Spinal Injury Evidence v. Other Injury Cases

Spinal cord injury cases are unique in the sense that a physician should be able to show the members of the jury the actual injury involved. Spinal cord injuries are very traumatic injuries to an important part of a person’s body. In terms of presenting that to a jury, it is much like a broken bone. When diagnostic studies are done of a person’s spinal cord, the studies provide demonstrative evidence of the nature and the extent of the injury involved.

Conversely, in a soft-tissue injury type of case, there is no such objective and demonstrative evidence of injury. In a case of spinal cord injury, it should be apparent to the jury what happened to the plaintiff and what that means for him/her in terms of their overall treatment and continuing way of life. Having an experienced spinal cord injury attorney in DC represent your interests will make the process smoother.

Role of Physician in Finding Evidence

A physician’s role is very important in cases involving spinal cord injuries. If the case proceeds to litigation, it is up to the DC spinal cord injury attorneys to present the evidence to the jury. When a jury is seated, it has no information about the case until the evidence is presented. The evidence is presented through the physician’s testimony and potentially documents. Thus, the physician’s role is crucial to this kind of case.

There are a lot of circumstances, especially those involving spinal cord injuries, where the testifying physician can be equally important to the injured person. The physician explains to the jury what happened to the injured person, the treatment they have undergone, the treatment they will likely need in the future, and overall how this injury affects the injured person’s life on a daily basis.

What Qualifies as Evidence in DC Spinal Cord Injury Cases

Typically, evidence is presented through expert medical testimony and potentially through the introduction of medical records. Evidence is also presented through testimony from the injured person regarding the trauma, how the person was feeling, and the medical treatment.

There is no special evaluation done for the admissibility of evidence in a spinal cord injury case in DC, but it is still incumbent upon a skilled attorney to efficiently and effectively present the necessary evidence to the jury to maximize the recovery for the client.