About Us

No matter what type of legal representation our clients need and no matter where in Maryland, Virginia, or the District of Columbia they are located, Price Benowitz has put together a roster of attorneys with tremendous experience in a number of different areas.

Our team of attorneys at Price Benowitz are always ready and willing to provide knowledgeable legal counsel to those in need.

Practice Areas

At our firm, our lawyers have experience in handling all types of personal injury and criminal claims. We are both passionate and dedicated in our work, and will always provide the determination and attention your case requires.

Apart from personal injury and criminal law, we are able to provide assistance in immigration law, family law, and the handling of trusts and estates.

Our wide variety of practice areas allows us to provide any individual with the coverage and defense they deserve.

Our Approach

Whether it is defending clients from criminal charges or making sure accident victims are compensated for their injuries, the attorneys at Price Benowitz work tirelessly on behalf of their clients, leaving no stone unturned and constantly communicating with their clients in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Whether you have been injured due to the negligent actions of another, are in a dispute with a large company, or are involved in handling complicated insurance claims, our attorneys are there to represent you. They will do so attentively and effectively while keeping the specific elements of your case in mind.

How We Can Help You

Our Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. attorneys are devoted to assisting individuals and their families recover from any legal issues they may have.  We understand how intimidating it is to face the law, and are dedicated to helping reduce any financial or emotional burden that may come with your legal problem.

It is our job, our mission, and our passion to provide the guidance and strength one needs during such a confusing and stressful time.

Our lawyers provide their knowledge of the law to help ensure that your case is handled carefully, efficiently, and with the strength it needs to produce a just outcome.

We will thoroughly investigate every aspect of your charge, including the unique facts that surround your case, in an effort to uncover the best options we can while organizing your defense.

Our criminal defense attorneys stay current with the ever-changing laws in their specific practice areas so that they can provide their clients with the most informed and effective strategies possible.

Contact Our Attorneys Today

Please visit our comprehensive list of attorney profiles for each of our lawyers to learn more about their experience, area of practice, and dedication to the field. Choosing the right attorney is crucial in properly defending your case.

At Price Benowitz, you will not have to worry that you are getting subpar legal advice. You can rest easy knowing that you are in the hands of a highly experienced legal team, working relentlessly for you.