Nursing Home Abuse Statistics in Maryland

Nursing home abuse figures are hard to accurately assess, since most nursing home abuse actually goes unreported. In fact, studies found that only between 1 in 14 and 1 in 25 incidents of elder abuse are actually reported.

Still, it is important to understand just how serious nursing home abuse and neglect can be, and what to look out for if you suspect your loved one is suffering nursing home abuse or neglect at the hands of their nursing home facility.

Nursing Home and Elder Abuse by the Numbers Nationally

Some organizations report that the incidence of elder abuse is as high as 5 million seniors abused each year in the U.S., which translates to 1 in 10 seniors over age 60 experiencing abuse annually.

One study found that nearly a quarter of all nursing home residents reported abuse in their nursing home facility within the past year of residing there. According to Adult Protective Services, an organization that tracks elder abuse, the occurrence of nursing home abuse is trending upwards in recent years.

Common Types of Elder Abuse in Maryland

There are a number of different kinds of abuse. Most people think of physical abuse when elder abuse is mentioned, but in reality, only between 10 to 30 percent of elder abuse is considered physical. As much as 60 percent of all elder abuse that occurs is actually verbal or emotional abuse.

About 15 percent of all elder abuse falls under the category of neglect, which can take many forms in a nursing home facility. Sexual and financial abuse account for roughly 8 percent each of all abuse complaints stemming from nursing homes.

More than 20 percent of sexual abuse claims from nursing home residents involve resident-on-resident sexual assault or abuse.

Elder Abuse Victims in Nursing Homes

Residents who suffer dementia are the most likely to be abused, with as many as 50 percent of dementia victims being subject to abuse each year. Those residents with significant health problems are also at an increased risk of suffering abuse. Facilities in lower socioeconomic areas tend to see a higher occurrence of abuse, but nursing home abuse does take place at even the nicest facilities. Women are slightly more likely than men to experience nursing home abuse or neglect, and residents who have been past victims are more likely to suffer abuse again in their nursing home facility.

One study found that nearly half of all nursing home staff members admitted, confidentially, to engaging in some form of elder abuse or neglect on the job.  Despite these high figures though, there appears to be a wide gap in reported abuse, with elders much more likely to report abuse from family, friends, and in-home care aides than to report nursing home abuse.

Talk to an Experienced Maryland Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Today

Regardless of whether you know for certain whether your loved one suffered nursing home abuse and neglect, a compassionate nursing home abuse lawyer in Maryland can investigate the facility and determine whether abuse took place, and if so, which party may be responsible.

Reporting abuse can be daunting for nursing home residents and their families but holding the nursing home accountable for their wrongdoing can empower victims and restore their feelings of security and self-worth.