Washington DC Barnett Crossbow Lawyer

Crossbows are weapons often used in connection with various hunting activities. Today’s modern crossbows have the capability to fire with the same power as larger bows, depending on how the weapon was constructed.

Like any weapon implement, crossbows are commonly associated with a multitude of accident and injury risks, such as:

  • Head injuries
  • Injuries to the torso
  • Eye injuries
  • Injuries that lead to amputations

Because they fire in a similar fashion as a bow does, crossbow accidents can cause substantial harm to a person if they are struck by a stray arrow, and in the worst cases can even kill an individual. At times, the shooter can be injured by a crossbow if a malfunction occurs or if something breaks during use.

The physical and emotional trauma stemming from a crossbow accident can be excruciating for victims and their family members. Moreover, these accidents can also involve some serious injuries and complex legal issues. By consulting with a knowledgeable Washington DC Barnett crossbow lawyer, the victim can fight to seek accountability for the injuries sustained and obtain some degree of justice.

The Liability Aspects of Crossbow Accidents

According to Washington’s 2015 Big Game Hunting Seasons & Regulations, all hunters, regardless of age, must possess a valid hunting license and any required permits, tags, or stamps in order to hunt wildlife.

The same goes for utilizing crossbows as well. If a victim was injured by a hunter that was not licensed, the repercussions can be severe, therefore it is important that the victim speaks with a knowledgeable lawyer who specializes in crossbow injuries for further evaluation.

Liability for crossbow injuries can depend on a variety of factors. In some cases, it may involve the manufacturer of a crossbow product that caused a defect. For instance, if the product was poorly designed and caused the crossbow to discharge on its own without the user pressing the trigger, the manufacturer may be held accountable for damages.

In other cases, crossbow users may become liable for injuries if they are negligent in the handling of the weapon. One example is if the person is at a shooting range and disregards safety procedures, thus resulting in an individual being struck, the negligent user may then be held liable.

Common Damages of Crossbow Accidents

The extent of crossbow injuries can range anywhere from a light graze on the finger to a severe puncture wound that requires invasive surgery. While traumatic injuries caused by crossbows are considered a “rarity” in today’s modern times, they remain a glaring problem.

High-performance precision crossbows are designed with precision, speed, and power in mind, with some products utilizing advanced telescopic sights and powerful hunting bolts.

With multiple-bladed broadheads, the sheer power of the tip alone can produce blistering incised wounds, whereas tapering field tips produce spherical defects. To compare this to another weapon, it can be reminiscent of the effects of a violent attack of a gunshot wound, barring the crossbow’s design fits the mold of today’s powerful hunting standards.

Speak to a DC Barnett Crossbow Accident Attorney Today

Whether it is due to a malfunction or human error, the consequences of a crossbow accident can be severe and potentially debilitating. Furthermore, the victim may be required to undergo surgery or therapy, leaving them with a pile of outstanding medical bills that they are responsible for.

Consulting with a skilled Washington DC Barnett crossbow lawyer can help protect one’s rights and seek rightful damages for the injuries sustained. To learn more, call today.