Washington DC Chiropractic-Massage Therapy License Defense Lawyer

Obtaining a license to practice as a chiropractic-massage therapist requires a deep level of commitment. One must attend years of school, pass a licensing test, and fulfill continued education requirements. Once an individual obtains their certification, they have a responsibility to provide proper care to their patients.

A Washington DC chiropractic-massage therapy license defense lawyer could help professionals who are facing investigations or allegations of malpractice. A seasoned attorney could work to evaluate the facts behind the claim and develop a defense to protect a practitioner’s future.

Standards for Chiropractic-Massage Therapists in the District of Columbia

Chiropractors have a responsibility to meet a certain standard of care and act as a responsible member of the community. The District of Columbia Board of Chiropractic (BOC) ensures that professionals adhere to these standards.

The BOC is a subdivision of the DC Board of Health. They issue licenses and oversee chiropractors’ continued education requirements. The Board also handles claims alleging professional misconduct, malpractice, and poor moral character.

A misconduct allegation could prompt the BOC to issue an investigation or hold a formal disciplinary hearing. If a chiropractor is found at fault in a malpractice claim, they could face severe consequences. A local chiropractic license defense lawyer could inform a massage therapist of the types of behaviors that could result in an allegation of misconduct.

Potential Causes and Consequences of a Misconduct Allegation

Misconduct claims may involve allegations that a chiropractor violated their duty to provide proper care to patients or acted with poor ethics in their personal lives. In the event of an allegation, the Board has the power to lead investigations, conduct informal talks, hold formal disciplinary committee hearings, and make a judgement.

If the BOC conducts an initial investigation and does not find cause for further action, the case may be dropped. Additionally, if the parties can resolve the dispute in an informal meeting, there is no need to hold a hearing.

Those who are found to be at fault in a disciplinary hearing could have a formal reprimand placed on their file. A practitioner may even have their license suspended or revoked. These penalties can have a devastating effect on a massage therapist’s practice.

A skilled license defense attorney could investigate the source of a complaint against a massage therapist and develop a defense to protect them from harsh penalties.

Reach Out to a Washington DC Chiropractic-Massage Therapy License Defense Attorney

Maintaining your professional license requires strict adherence to codes of conduct and personal morality standards set by the District of Columbia Board of Chiropractic. The BOC has the power to investigate and punish claims of misconduct. An allegation claiming you have failed to provide proper care or have has a lapse in moral character can jeopardize your professional license and reputation.

A Washington DC chiropractic-massage therapy license defense lawyer may be able to help. Our team could review your case and to take necessary steps to fight back against allegations. Contact our office to speak with a license defense attorney today.