Expert Witnesses in DC Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Expert witnesses are people that are considered to be experts in the field that is being discussed in a case. As such, they are allowed testify on behalf of either the prosecution or the defense, in order to explain certain concepts and provide a whole picture for the jury. A prima facie case cannot be established without expert witnesses in DC nursing home abuse cases. That is why it is important to work with an experienced and well-connected nursing home abuse attorney that could help you find a credible expert witness to bolster your case.

Becoming an Expert Witness

A person becomes an expert witness by having certain qualifications that render them competent to give an expert opinion on whatever field they are purporting to be an expert in. For instance, if they are a medical doctor, they are rendering expert opinions on medical causation. If they are a nursing home director, they might be able to render opinions on the standard of appropriate care in a nursing home.

Types of Expert Witnesses

The types of expert witnesses in DC nursing home abuse cases depends on the nature of the abuse. Typically, a standard of care expert is used to show what is generally accepted as reasonable care in a particular field. Medical experts are also used to establish damages. In every case, the plaintiff and their attorney need to establish medical damages in order to recover for personal injury in the District of Columbia.

Duration of Nursing Home Abuse Trials 

The length of a nursing home abuse trial will depend on the facts of the particular case. The longer someone is in a nursing home and the longer the abuse goes on, the more evidence there is and the more witnesses there are.

If someone simply falls out of bed, there will not be that long of a trial, probably two or three days. If someone is under the care of a nursing home for a year and there are three or four people and an administrator involved in one willful abuse, then that could be a trial that could take upwards of two weeks.

Damages in Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Evidence of damages is presented along with the rest of the evidence in a nursing home abuse case. A difference is that anytime someone is attempting to prove damages, they will need to present expert witness testimony.

A person always needs expert witnesses in DC nursing home abuse cases to establish medical damages. Evidence that somebody is mentally or physically incapacitated and they were the victims of severe abuse will be considered by a jury in determining whether punitive damages are appropriate.

Benefit of Working Witha Well-Connected DC Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

The benefits of hiring a local nursing home abuse lawyer who has a longstanding relationship with local expert witnesses include not having to pay fees, and also that the witness will have a thorough understanding of D.C. regulations. D.C. has a lot of regulations that are unique and not nationally accepted. These local experts will understand the nuances of local nursing home regulations and not just what is generally accepted in nursing homes at large.

A D.C. nursing home abuse lawyer will meet with the plaintiff, make sure they have expert testimony lined up, and perform depositions. In terms of the trial preparation itself, a lawyer will generally write an opening statement, prepare with witnesses, and prepare exhibits. If an individual wants to know more about expert witnesses in DC nursing home abuse cases, they should speak with a well-connected nursing home abuse lawyer that could help.