DC Pool Accident Attorney

Both adults and children can be harmed because of improperly secured poorly maintained swimming pools. Luckily, a DC swimming pool injury lawyer can help you recover compensation if you or someone you love was hurt or killed because of a problem with a swimming pool. To discuss your case call and schedule a consultation with a DC premises liability lawyer call today.

Benefits of a Lawyer

Swimming pools present some inherent risks, and pool owners need to take reasonable steps to mitigate the dangers. When a swimming pool owner or operator is negligent or fails to fulfill any legal obligation, they become responsible for any injuries that result.

A DC swimming pool injury lawyer can help victims who are injured, or who lose loved ones have been injured by:

  • Identifying all responsible parties who can be held liable for pool injuries or drownings.
  • Gathering evidence needed to negotiate a settlement of pursue a civil lawsuit in court.

You have legal rights and should be compensated for all injuries or for the death of someone you love, but you need to know how to file a claim, when to take action, and what the legal grounds are for compensation.

A knowledgeable legal advocate can take care of all of the steps in the process of fighting for compensation as you try to recover from serious injuries or grieve the death of someone you cared about.

Making a Swimming Pool Injury Case

You can obtain compensation from a pool owner or operator if you can prove that their actions, or inaction, were the direct cause of a drowning or other injury.  There are many situations in which victims recover compensation after getting hurt in a pool.  For example, you may be able to pursue a claim for damages if:

  • A pool is not properly maintained. Broken ladders, drains that trap swimmers, and damaged pool tiles can all cause injury to swimmers or to people around the pool area. The pool owner or operator can be held responsible when maintenance issues cause harm.
  • The pool was not adequately marked. Pools should indicate depth and whether diving is OK. A pool in a public place should also provide information on whether a lifeguard is available or whether swimming is done at your own risk.

It is up to you to prove negligence in the case of a swimming pool accident. A lawyer in DC with experience in drownings and other swimming pool injuries can help.

How a DC Swimming Pool Injury Lawyer Can Help You

Drowning is the fourth leading cause of death due to unintentional injury according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is possible to drown in just a few feet of water in just a few minutes. Permanent brain damage is likely when a drowning victim is resuscitated after just a few minutes without oxygen.

If you or someone you love was involved in a swimming pool accident, it is important to get the money you need to try to move on.  Contact a DC swimming pool injury lawyer for help with your claim for compensation so you can maximize your chances of full and fair recovery of losses.