DC Toxic Mold Lawyer

A DC toxic mold lawyer provides you with legal representation when you were exposed to dangerous mold spores at home or in your workplace. Your options depend upon the cause of exposure, the extent of your illness, who exposed you, and whether you can prove the mold was the cause of harm. An experienced premises liability attorney in DC can help to conduct an investigation and provide you with the insight you need to take appropriate legal action when mold makes you sick.

When to Contact a DC Toxic Mold Attorney

There are more than 100,000 different mold species, some of which are relatively harmless and others of which can cause serious and life-changing health issues. When you are exposed to allergenic molds, pathogenic molds, or toxic molds like Stachybotrys and Memnoniella, you could face serious health issues that are costly to treat and that may be untreatable.

Health consequences of mold exposure can range from allergic reactions to severe pathogenic infections, to mold smell illnesses, and to life-changing conditions including cancer, tuberculosis, sudden infant death syndrome, lupus, chronic fatigue, Epstein-Barr syndrome, and fibromyalgia. Respiratory disorders and asthma are commonly caused or triggered by mold, and some who are exposed experience bleeding in the lungs. Death is also a possible result of mold exposure.

If you are experiencing symptoms or have been diagnosed with any of these illnesses and you suspect exposure to mold occurred, contact a toxic mold lawyer in DC with experience right away.

How a DC Lawyer Assists Clients in Toxic Mold Cases

Attorneys in DC with experience in toxic mold cases can help you with the comprehensive investigation necessary to determine if you can pursue a case for compensation from those responsible for exposing you to mold. Toxic mold cases can involve seeking compensation for repair and remediation costs, as well as payment for property damage and depreciated property value.

The most significant damages from mold, however, occur as a result of illnesses and death caused by mold exposure. Personal injury cases arising from mold can be complicated because it is necessary to prove where you were exposed and to specifically link that exposure to the illnesses that you are experiencing or that led to your loved one’s death.

Because illnesses like cancer have different causes and one particular reason for the diagnosis is not always easily identifiable, making your case can be a challenge. An experienced DC toxic mold attorney can help you to obtain evidence, find experts, and put together the strongest case possible.

Taking Legal Action After Exposure to Toxic Mold

When you have a toxic mold claim, you need to identify the defendants who are responsible for your exposure. Many toxic mold cases arise against landlords who failed to identify or remediate mold in rental properties. However, home buyers can also sue home sellers for failure to disclose mold.

Mold-related claims can also arise after exposure to mold in the workplace, although victims may be prevented from suing their employer and required to file a workers’ compensation claim instead of civil litigation.

A toxic mold lawyer in DC can provide assistance to clients in determining what their options are for recovery of damages after they suffered losses and harm due to mold exposure. Call as soon as possible to get your case underway.