DC Aviation Accident Lawyer

Advances in the aviation industry have made it possible to travel around the world in less than a day. In addition, increased choices in routes and carriers have made flying more accessible to all members of society. These factors lead more people to fly every year. Sadly, more people choosing to travel on airplanes also means a greater chance of injuries occurring in the air.

Airplane passengers pay for airline services, and these airlines have a duty to keep you safe. This responsibility includes ensuring that the plane is in good condition, properly training staff, and protecting you from unruly fellow passengers. If you have suffered an injury because an airline failed to keep you safe, a DC aviation accident lawyer may be able to help. A capable personal injury attorney could explain your legal rights, evaluate the facts that led to your injury, and seek compensation from liable parties.

Possible Causes of Injuries on an Airplane

Due to advances in technology, airplane travel has never been safer. Mile for mile, people are less likely to suffer an injury on an airplane than while riding in a car. Still, accidents do happen, and any accident can cause permanent injury or death.

One of the most common sources of injuries while riding on an airliner is bumps due to turbulence. While unstable air is often unavoidable, pilots should still make every effort to avoid situations that can throw people around the cabin or cause items to fly around the interior of a plane.

Injuries suffered on a plane may also result from poor maintenance procedures. Pilots should report any problems with an aircraft, and maintenance crews have strict checklists that they must follow when performing routine procedures. Even so, failing equipment or worn components could cause a pilot to lose control of the plane.

An aviation accident attorney in DC is ready to take the lead in investigating the cause of a person’s injuries. However, time is of the essence. Action must be taken with the District’s three-year statute of limitations on personal injury cases under the Code of the District of Columbia § 12-301 in mind.

Pursuing Full Compensation

Accidents that occur while in the air can result in severe injuries. Falling luggage can land on a person’s head, causing traumatic brain injuries. Falls in aisles can break bones or separated joints. These possibilities say nothing of the tragedies that can result from a plane crashing.

Thankfully, anyone who can connect an airline’s negligence to their injuries can pursue full compensation for their losses. This compensation can cover hospital bills and any other costs associated with physical recovery. Claims can also seek payments for lost earnings for those who are unable to return to work or endure permanent disability due to their injuries. A seasoned lawyer in DC could work to place a dollar value on the losses resulting from an aviation injury and seek full compensation from liable parties.

Contact a DC Aviation Accident Attorney Now

Injuries that occur while riding on an airplane are more common than we would like to think. Though not all airline injuries involve a crash or other catastrophic event, accidents can still leave you with severe injuries that require extensive medical care and long-lasting consequences.

If you suffered an injury because of an airline’s failure to keep you safe, you deserve compensation to make things right. A DC aviation accident lawyer is ready to take the lead in your case. Speak with our experienced legal team now to get started.