Interesting and Challenging Personal Injury Cases

The following is excerpted from an interview with John Yannone, a partner at Price Benowitz LLP who handles personal injury cases.

Which types of personal injury cases do you find to be the most interesting?

John Yannone: Probably the medical negligence cases, but also the sexual abuse and assault cases, because children and teenagers are so vulnerable and they’re the ones who need help the most in many instances. But every case that I do, regardless of how small, medium, or large, they all have their own facts and every plaintiff is different and every person that you deal with is different on both sides in terms of witnesses etc.

The interesting thing for me is that every case is different, every case is a new case, and you have to apply your knowledge and experience to every single case. There is no cookie cutter case.

That’s the interesting thing about the practice of law, is how dynamic it is. Every case has a different set of facts. Every case has different people. Every case has a different set of circumstances and legal application. The more complicated the case, the more I like it. No matter what kind of case, whether it’s medical negligence or otherwise, there is medicine in most of my cases, and I like that aspect of it in terms of learning, dealing with medical experts on both sides, and the differences of opinion and judgment. But every case is different, every case is new, and that’s what’s fascinating to me about it.

Which types of cases do you find to be the most challenging?

John Yannone: Typically, the medical negligence cases because of the medicine, and because it’s usually more complicated medicine than other types of cases. But it never ceases to amaze me that every case that I have is interesting, no matter how small, medium, or large. Through the years that I’ve dealt with these cases, because every case is different, with a different injury and a different person, there’s always something new to learn. There’s always some new facet at the very least, and that’s what’s fascinating about it.