Washington DC Federal Criminal Lawyer

For Washington DC residents and visitors, it is important to abide by local laws.

However, the Federal Criminal Code contains laws that apply to every person nationwide.

A Washington DC federal criminal lawyer could help individuals facing charges in a United States District Court. A dedicated attorney at our firm could protect a person’s Constitutional rights and develop a strong defense to present in court.

Common Federal Charges in the District of Columbia

Federal offenses generally fall into one of two categories. One type of federal offense an individual may be accused of is committing a crime against the government. For example, a person who has allegedly committed an act of terrorism may be in violation of 18 United States Code §2332b.

Acts such as assaulting an officer or counterfeiting are also considered crimes against the government. Crimes that cross state lines or affect United States commerce fall into another class of federal charges. These offenses often involve activities that are illegal both in DC and country as a whole

For example, distributing an illegal drug may be a violation of state and federal law. However, because this activity threatens commerce and often takes place in multiple states or districts, this is also a federal offense. Other examples of these types of crimes include:

A skilled federal crimes lawyer in the area could help an accused person understand the nature of their charges.

Defending Criminal Charges in United States District Courts

Facing federal criminal charges can be an intimidating and confusing experience. However, an attorney could guide an accused party through these complex court proceedings.

A lawyer may begin investigating a case by questioning the means by which law enforcement gathered evidence. All people are entitled to their privacy, but police officers and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents may violate these rights. Any evidence that is obtained through the violation of someone’s privacy is inadmissible in court.

If a defendant is willing to cooperate and does not have any other pending charges, the prosecutor may present them with a plea bargain. This could be the best chance of avoiding a lengthy prison sentence. An attorney could help an accused party negotiate a fair plea bargain.

If an individual rejects the plea deal, the case will go to trial. In court, the accused person will have the opportunity to present their case and call witnesses to testify in their defense. Defendants may also cross-examine the prosecutor’s witnesses.

A local federal criminal attorney could help accused parties craft defense strategies to protect them in court.

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Criminal charges are always serious matters. Whether these allegations involve acts against the government, drug charges, or other alleged violent activity, it is important to retain legal counsel. A Washington DC federal criminal lawyer could provide you with this representation.

Our team could evaluate the strength of a prosecutor’s case to help you to identify realistic goals and make them into a reality. Reach out to a seasoned criminal attorney today to learn more.