Washington DC Jewish Criminal Defense Lawyer

You must take any allegation of criminal activity made against you very seriously. Even misdemeanor convictions can have serious personal and professional consequences. Being found guilty of a serious felony could put you behind bars for years and fundamentally alter the course of your life.

Fortunately, help is available from a knowledgeable Washington DC Jewish criminal defense lawyer who has experience successfully handling situations like yours. Once retained, your dedicated defense attorney could ensure you understand all your rights under the law, explain how your case will proceed and what possible defenses could be applicable under the circumstances, and tenaciously pursue a positive case outcome on your behalf.

How Does the District of Columbia Classifies Criminal Offenses?

The District of Columbia separates criminal offenses into two main categories: misdemeanors and felonies. The former category covers minor offenses that are almost always non-violent and are punishable by a maximum sentence of one year in jail. Notably, certain misdemeanor offenses have enhanced penalties for subsequent convictions, so retaining a Jewish criminal defense attorney could be essential in fighting charges for a misdemeanor they have been convicted of at least once before in the District.

Notably, Washington DC does not separate felony offenses into classes and establish standardized sentencing guidelines on those categories. Instead, individual felony offenses have minimum and maximum sentences attached to them, and judges have the authority to levy a more or less severe sentence within that range based on the unique circumstances of a convicted defendant’s case. Convictions for certain offenses can also lead to fines in addition to—or sometimes as an alternative to—incarceration, and judges often impose terms of supervised release after convicted felons are released on parole or after serving the entirety of their sentence.

Other Unique Elements of DC Criminal Cases

Since Washington DC is a district rather than a state, there are various ways in which criminal prosecution works very differently here than it does elsewhere. Most notably, while the elected Attorney General of the District of Columbia maintains jurisdiction over misdemeanor cases, felony cases in DC fall under the jurisdiction of a United States Attorney specially appointed by the president. This is not the same as facing prosecution under federal law, but it does mean that seeking help from a Jewish criminal defense lawyer in Washington DC who knows how this system works can boost your odds of a successful outcome.

Getting help from qualified legal counsel may also be key to navigating and negotiating with the various local agencies that may play a role in a DC criminal case. Depending on the exact charges involved, a defendant may need to contend with everything from the Metropolitan Police Department to the DC Protective Service Police Department to the Metro Transit Police Department, to even certain federal agencies like the Park Police, Capitol Police, or Secret Service.

Seek Help from a Washington DC Jewish Criminal Defense Attorney Today

Fighting criminal charges in the District of Columbia is a uniquely complex endeavor that can necessitate guidance from someone who knows from experience how to pursue positive results from situations like yours.

A seasoned Washington DC Jewish criminal defense lawyer could stand by your side and protect your best interests throughout your entire case. Call today to learn more.