DC Negligent Security Lawyer

Inadequate or negligent security is defined by case law and it is situationally-dependent. There is no real duty for security if someone operates a bar and they never had a fight in the bar, their patrons tend to be professional or white collar class, and there have never been any issues. In this case, the owners need to provide a reasonably safe circumstance under the situation.

If you have been harmed at an establishment where an owner did not take the proper preventative actions, speak with a DC negligent security lawyer. An experienced premises liability attorney can help you seek the compensation you deserve.

Difference from a Slip and Fall Case

If someone knows there is water on the floor, they need to take steps to fix that. For security, they need to take steps to prevent dangerous conditions. That means that if they know they have a bar where a lot of people are fighting and getting rowdy, they need to have a bouncer making sure people do not get rowdy.

If they have a bar where they know people are bringing in weapons, they need to take steps to prevent people from bringing in weapons.

If they take steps to prevent people from bringing in weapons, they need to make sure they do not bring in weapons. It may be critical for injured parties to seek the help of a DC negligent security lawyer, as most cases are considered situationally-dependent.

Types of Security Cases

If someone has an apartment complex and there is a lot of crime, they likely have to put someone in there monitoring the criminal situation.

If they put someone in there and they do not do a good job, then that would be an example of negligent security.

If they know they have a problem and they do not put security in there, then that will be inadequate security. It is dependent on the situation.

What is the Owner’s Duty of Protection from Foreseeable Harm?

A manager or a property owner has a duty to provide a reasonably safe premise under the circumstances. Based on the circumstances, they need to provide a reasonable safe premise. A DC negligent security lawyer knows that duty itself becomes heightened because they know they have crime and crime is not safe.

They need to provide a premise that is reasonably safe and take steps to ensure that the premise they are providing is not dangerous. If somebody gets mugged once, an owner needs to take adequate steps to ensure they do not get mugged again.

Applying to Inadequate Security Liability Cases

DC negligent security lawyers know that safety measures often depend on the people who frequent someone’s establishment. If someone knows they have a security problem, they need to provide reasonably safe security. If they know they have an issue, then they need to provide reasonable security. If someone knows that people bring guns into a bar, they need to provide metal detectors.

If an owner knows that there are a lot of drunken college kids, they need to provide bouncers. Not providing a level of security sufficient to protect the patrons from the foreseeable level of harm that they might face when they come to the establishment, then that would be an example of an inadequate or negligent security.

DC Negligent Security Lawyer