Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Glen Burnie Worker’s Compensation Claim

If you have suffered an injury while working in Glen Burnie, a workers’ compensation claim could provide you with valuable benefits. From paying for your medical expenses to paying out weekly disability checks, these benefits could help you make ends meet while recovering.

However, the insurance companies responsible for paying these claims often look for any excuse to deny your claim. One wrong move – even something as small as a paperwork error – could result in the denial of your claim. It could be in your best interest to follow the claims process to the letter. An experienced attorney could help you identify mistakes to avoid when making a Glen Burnie workers’ compensation claim.

Failing to Notify your Employer Immediately

The first step in the process is an important one. If a worker fails to notify their employer or supervisor of their injury on time, it could result in the denial of their claim.

An injured worker has ten days to deliver this notification either orally or in writing. While the law allows claims filed after the expiration of the deadline to proceed in some cases, it requires the worker to show that doing so would not prejudice the employer.

Filing your Claim after the Deadline

Providing the employer with notice is not the only requirement shortly after an accident. Within two years of the date of the injury, a worker must also file a formal claim with the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Unlike the notice requirement, there are very few exceptions to the two-year filing requirement because, under state law, the Commission must deny any claim filed more than two years from the date of injury. An experienced Glen Burnie workers’ compensation attorney could help an injured worker comply with these crucial deadlines and avoid mistakes when making a claim.

Why is Rushing Back to Work After an Accident a Mistake?

In many cases, an employer or an insurance company could pressure a worker to return to work before they are ready. This could lead to serious consequences. For starters, a worker who has not sufficiently healed is at a much greater risk of re-injury. Additionally, returning to work provides the insurance company with grounds to stop sending benefit payments.

Why is Filing a Claim without an Attorney a Mistake?

With so many potential pitfalls facing an injured Glen Burnie worker, pursuing a compensation claim without the help of an attorney could be a major mistake. A skilled workers’ compensation attorney could explain the process from start to finish and ensure that the initial paperwork is in order. By allowing an attorney to review the claim before filing, a worker decreases their chances of a denial over a technicality.

If the insurance company denies the benefits claim, the process of appealing the denial could result in a series of hearings. The support of a seasoned attorney could be invaluable when facing off against the insurance company’s attorneys.

Discuss Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Glen Burnie Worker’s Compensation Claim

The concept of pursuing a workers’ compensation claim might seem simple at first glance. The rules merely require a little paperwork to begin the process, after all. However, recovering the benefits you deserve could be surprisingly challenging. The insurance company and their attorneys often make serious efforts to find an excuse to deny your claim.

To ensure you protect your legal rights, contact a Glen Burnie workers’ compensation lawyer right away. An attorney could assist with the process and guide you on mistakes to avoid when making a Glen Burnie workers’ compensation claim.