Maryland Nursing Home Heart Attacks Lawyer

When people think about nursing home abuse and neglect, they do not usually consider nursing home residents who suffer heart attacks or strokes while residing in a nursing home.
Since heart attacks and strokes are typically considered natural occurrences, most people do not assume they could be the result of nursing home abuse or neglect. Unfortunately, neglectful or abusive care in a nursing home can, in fact, lead to a heart attack or stroke.

If your loved one experienced a heart attack or stroke in their nursing home and you believe the nursing home facility or staff members could be at fault, an experienced Maryland nursing home heart attacks lawyer could help. Contact a dedicated nursing home abuse attorney today.

Abuse and Neglect Can Contribute to Heart Attacks

When a patient is already in declining health and has an existing condition that could lead to a heart attack or stroke, negligent or abusive behavior on the part of the nursing home or its staff could exacerbate the condition, bringing about a heart attack or stroke. The most common factors that can play a role in bringing on a heart attack or stroke include but are not limited to:

  • A high-stress environment, whether physically or emotionally. Physical stress can be brought on by accidents, for instance, which are often due to staff negligence.
  • Medication errors, failure to provide adequate medication, or letting patients go long intervals between doses of necessary medication.
  • Abusive behavior, such as verbal assaults, emotional manipulation, or being slapped or hit could potentially be enough to bring on a heart attack or stroke.
  • Extreme temperature variations can also contribute to causing a heart attack or stroke, especially when the weather is extremely hot or extremely cold. Nursing homes that lack adequate temperature control could be found negligent for exacerbating their residents’ health conditions.

Failure to Respond to Heart Attacks in Maryland Nursing Homes

A heart attack may not be caused by a nursing home’s neglect or abuse, but if the nursing home staff fails to respond adequately to the onset of a heart attack or stroke, the result can be just as devastating. Likewise, the nursing home could also be negligent in failing to diagnose a heart problem or failing to adequately treat a heart condition, such as by not prescribing needed medication.

If a victim’s family believes that their loved one’s heart attack, stroke, or heart condition occurred due to a nursing home facility’s negligence, a nursing home heart attacks lawyer in Maryland could help.

Speak with a Maryland Nursing Home Heart Attacks Attorney Today

Whatever the impetus for your loved one’s heart attack in their nursing home facility, a skilled Maryland nursing home heart attacks lawyer could investigate what occurred and determine whether the nursing home may bear some liability.

Your Maryland nursing home heart attacks attorney could analyze medical records, review nursing home documentation of medication dosages, and interview witnesses, among other investigative techniques.

Your family may be eligible for a variety of compensation, including monetary damages, like reimbursement for medical bills, or the cost of moving nursing home facilities, and nonmonetary damages, such as compensation for pain and suffering. If your loved one passed away as a result of their heart attack, your family may be able to obtain wrongful death compensation.