Washington DC Dental License Defense Lawyer

Every dentist who practices in Washington DC must adhere to the standards for their profession. This includes practicing dentistry with appropriate skill and care and maintaining high moral character.

If you are facing misconduct allegations, you should retain a Washington DC dental license defense lawyer. A dedicated attorney could evaluate the facts behind the allegation and represent you in potential disciplinary hearings.

The Role of the DC Board of Dentistry

The Washington DC Board of Dentistry is the regulatory body that oversees professional practice for dentists in the area. This agency is responsible for issuing licenses and investigating practitioners who may have violated their duty of care.

The duty of care refers to a dentist’s responsibility to act as any reasonably competent practitioner would under similar circumstances. Any person may submit a complaint to the Board alleging malpractice, poor ethics, or unfair billing practices.

When the Board of Dentistry receives notice of a complaint, they will investigate the concern. If they find that there is cause to continue the case, the Board may summon the dentist for a formal disciplinary hearing or recommend a diversionary program to dismiss the charges. A dental license defense attorney could provide more information about the role of the Board of Dentistry in handling complaints.

Common Causes and Consequences of a Dental License Hearing in the District

An allegation of misconduct or poor ethics could have disastrous consequences. Something as simple as failing to diagnose a cavity could be considered malpractice. An incident of alleged malpractice could lead to an insurance claim or a complaint to the Board of Dentistry.

A dentist may also face accusations of poor moral character. For example, if a practitioner is facing a criminal charge, it could trigger an investigation. Even if a dentist manages to avoid conviction, they could face disciplinary action from the Board.

Every dentist has the right to due process after receiving notice of a complaint or an investigation. This includes the ability to submit a formal response, gather evidence, and present a defense at a formal hearing.

Practitioners who are found at fault in minor incidents could be ordered to pay a fine. In more serious cases, a formal reprimand may be placed on the dentist’s record, or they may have their license suspended or revoked. A local dental license defense attorney could represent a practitioner in disciplinary hearings and help them avoid these penalties.

Reach Out to a Washington DC Dental License Defense Lawyer Today

Facing a disciplinary session before the Washington DC Board of Dentistry is a serious matter. The Board has the power to reprimand, suspend, or even terminate the license of a dentist who commits malpractice or demonstrates poor morals. Attempting to represent yourself in a disciplinary hearing could have negative consequences.

A Washington DC dental license defense lawyer could help you craft a case and preserve your right to continue in your practice. Call today to learn how our team could help protect your career.