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Allegations of sex crimes are among the most serious criminal charges that an individual can face in Washington DC. However, these charges are far from one dimensional.

A sex crime can include something as serious as forcing another person to have sex, or something as minor as unwelcome touching of another in a sexual manner. All these allegations are serious where a conviction will result in the creation of a criminal record, may end with a lengthy prison sentence, and could require a defendant to register as a sex offender.

A DC Sex Crimes lawyer is dedicated to giving defendants the best chance possible to prevent this from happening. An experienced defense attorney could work tirelessly to conduct an independent investigation of the incident, to combat illegal police actions, and to present a powerful defense in court.

Examples of Sex Crimes in Washington DC

The lowest level of a sex crime in Washington DC is misdemeanor sexual abuse. According to DC Code §22-3006, an individual commits misdemeanor sexual abuse if they engage in a sexual act or contact with another person without their permission.

For example, if the defendant touches the alleged victim’s breast without permission with the intent to abuse, humiliate, harass, degrade, or arouse another person, this is misdemeanor sexual abuse. According to the statute, a conviction can result in up to 180 days in jail.

Felony-level sex crime statutes build upon this core idea, ranging from fourth degree to first degree (the most serious type) sexual abuse. For instance, fourth-degree sexual abuse under DC Code §22-3305 occurs when the defendant is alleged to have sexual contact with another person unable to consent to the contact. The maximum penalty here is five years in prison.

The most severe sex crime is first-degree sexual abuse (DC does not use the term “rape”). First-degree sexual abuse is when a person engages in a sexual act with another through the use of force, by administering an intoxicant to the person by force or without their knowledging, or by rendering the person unconscious. According to DC Code §22-3002, first-degree sexual abuse can carry the possibility of a life sentence. No matter the severity of a charge that a defendant is facing, a DC sex crimes lawyer may be able to help.

Refuting Sex Crime Charges

Defending against sex crimes can be a highly complex undertaking. Prosecutors can often rely on scientific evidence and the testimony of experts to attempt to prove their case. As a result, defense attorneys need to be able to understand this evidence and may hire experts of their own to refute the charges.

Defense attorneys can also combat allegations of sexual abuse using evidence that a complainant in fact voluntarily consented to the sexual act or contact. Any emails, records of phone calls, or text messages that indicate a willingness to participate could be valuable evidence to the defense. Since most allegations of sex crimes where the alleged victim is an adult require proof that the complainant either did not consent or was incapable of consenting, defense attorneys must carefully analyze the government’s evidence on this element to look for possible challenges to the prosecution’s case.

Every case is unique, but a sex crimes lawyer in DC could help individuals to form a defense custom fitted to their own circumstances.

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The mere allegation of participating in a sex crime can throw an individual’s life into chaos. The public may believe that a defendant is guilty before the case even enters the court and pre-trial protective orders may force a person to move out of their homes, lose their jobs, and even forfeit visitation or custody of children. It is essential that any defense to a sex crime be powerful and assertive from day one.

A DC sex crimes lawyer could provide this representation. Their goal is to protect not just the freedom of their clients but also their reputation in the community. The penalties for a conviction under even the lowest level sex crimes statutes are harsh, which is why you should contact an attorney immediately to let them get to work for you.

DC Sex Crimes Lawyer