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Litigating any civil claim can be a complex and time-consuming process involving complicated issues and legal procedures. A DC business litigation lawyer could fight for your or your business’s legal rights and work tirelessly in pursuit of a positive resolution if you find yourself or your business in a legal dispute. Get in touch with a skilled civil litigation attorney to discuss your case.

External vs. Internal Business Disputes

A DC business litigation attorney could handle a wide array of litigation matters affecting your business, including both external and internal disputes. External disputes frequently pertain to contractual breaches or similar disagreements involving people or entities from outside of your business. On the other hand, disputes may arise between partners, shareholders, or other internal entities, such as the board of directors. Whatever type of business dispute may be at issue, a seasoned attorney could help.

Common Issues Involved in Business Litigation Matters

While business litigation can encompass a wide range of commercial disputes, the following are among the most common types of claims:

  • Trade secrets — A company’s trade secrets may offer them a competitive edge in their industry, and loss of these secrets could cause both professional and financial devastation.
  • Breach of contract — When an individual or entity signs a contract but does not uphold its commitments under that contract, the injured party may be eligible to commence lawsuit proceedings to collect punitive and nominal damages from the offending party.
  • Business fraud — If a person or entity uses deceitful practices to recover value from a company, whether by omitting certain facts or complete misrepresentation, business litigation may be necessary.
  • Partnership or Member disputes — These types of disputes may occur between venture capitalists, boards of directors, closely held corporations, and other partnerships or LLCs. Commercial litigation can ensure that your business’s rights are protected and help them pursue the compensation they could be due if a partner dispute arises (i.e. someone breaches their fiduciary duty).
  • Employment disputes — Whether the dispute involves alleged discrimination, contractual issues, wage disputes, or wrongful termination, a skilled attorney may be able to help.
  • Unfair competition — If a business owner learns that a competitor has leveraged deceptive strategies to force them out of business or poach clients, business litigation may put an end to fraudulent practices and collect damages.

A business litigation lawyer in DC could provide sound advice and craft effective strategies to pursue a positive resolution to a wide range of commercial disputes.

A Guide to Business Litigation

Before litigation commences, an attorney conducts an initial review of the facts and available evidence. A DC business litigation attorney could evaluate the likelihood of recovering damages, or avoiding a judgment, or achieving a favorable outcome, and provide advice about the next steps, including, if necessary, the initiation of a lawsuit. To commence a lawsuit, a complaint would be filed with the court providing the reason for the suit and naming all parties involved.

The defendant would then be required to submit a written response or answer to the complaint, either acknowledging or rejecting the allegations contained within. In certain cases, the individual or entity being sued may file a counterclaim against the other party or a claim against a third party. After the initial pleadings phase, the discovery would begin, during which both sides collect evidence from each other through interrogatories, depositions, document requests, and other exchanges of information such as requests for admission.

Prior to trial, witnesses would be prepared and pre-trial conferences would take place. Motions may be filed by both parties, such as those to exclude certain evidence, obtain a summary judgment (if both parties agree on the facts of the case), or even dismiss the case (i.e. due to insufficient evidence, case settlement, etc.). If a settlement is not possible and the case continues to trial, both sides would present their evidence before the judge or jury.

Alternatives to Litigation

There are numerous alternatives to litigation that may avoid the financial and time burdens of a trial, especially in litigation in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia, which orders the parties to participate in at least one mediation session before a trial is scheduled. Sometimes, it may be possible for the parties to reach a favorable settlement out of court through negotiation or private alternative dispute resolution services.

Alternatively, arbitration may be used to adjudicate a dispute outside the confines of traditional litigation. Through arbitration, both parties are afforded the chance to present evidence and call witnesses before a neutral arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators who would make the final decision in the case. A DC attorney could advise whether arbitration could be a viable option based on the details of a specific case.

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If you are up against a difficult business decision, or ligation is imminent and you are unsure what to do next, an experienced attorney may be able to help. A DC business litigation lawyer could help determine your legal options to protect your interests. Call today for your confidential case evaluation and discuss your concerns with a DC attorney.