Hiring a DC Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury to the spinal cord, researching and retaining a personal injury lawyer for representation is one of the most important next steps. Because there are many factors to consider when dealing with a personal injury case, you should hire an attorney that you get along with and that you trust. In these cases there is usually a lot at stack; spinal cord injuries are incredibly serious and can heavily impact someone for the rest of their life. When a person is looking for an attorney to deal with a spinal cord injury, the person should ask the attorney how many cases he/she has handled involving this type of injury. The person should inquire as to how comfortable the attorney feels presenting expert medical testimony that is required to perfect the claim at trial. Make sure to do your due diligence and speak with a DC spinal cord injury lawyer for more information.

Collecting and Presenting Evidence

A spinal cord attorney who is experienced in handling these types of cases in DC has the wherewithal and knowledge to properly investigate the claim, present the important evidence to the jury, and work to obtain a good result for his or her clients. An attorney with experience knows exactly what steps are needed preliminarily and throughout the course of the litigation to properly present the case to the jury.

In Civil Court v. Settlements

Someone with experience handling spinal cord injury cases in DC knows there is a distinction between the way a case is presented at trial versus the way a case is presented at mediation.

If the parties have agreed to mediation, they should, in good faith, try to resolve the case and reach a compromise. Sometimes that can mean that neither party is necessarily thrilled about the resolution but, they can live with the ultimate results. Any settlement must be an agreement between both parties.

DC spinal cord injury attorneys represent their clients to the fullest extent during mediation to obtain favorable results. However, sometimes, it may not be in the client’s best interest to educate opposing counsel on all of the weaknesses of his case. Therefore, it takes experience and finesse to properly advocate for the client while still preserving an edge should the case not settle and it proceed to trial.

How Clients Help Their DC Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

One of the most important things a client can do is to keep their attorney fully informed of their overall health, medical condition, and ongoing treatment. It is important for the attorney and client to have an open line of communication. By keeping your attorney up-to-date on your physical and mental well-being, in addition to any other treatment you might be going through, your DC spinal cord injury will have the best grasp over how to help you. When the attorney and client are able to communicate with each other, they are in an ideal position to move the claim forward smoothly and effectively. When there is a break-down in communication, than issues that may not have seemed so important initially can pose a problem to the claim later on. This problem is easily avoided by communicating throughout the course of the claim.

Initial Consultation With a DC Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

The initial consultation is a two way street. It is important for the client to consult with the attorney and evaluate his or her experience to get a good sense as to whether that attorney is a good fit for him/her to potentially deal with during approximately two years of litigation.

Likewise, during the consultation, a DC spinal injury attorney’s job is to evaluate the client. This is done through a conversation about the claim and the nature and extent of the injuries involved. The attorney’s role is to evaluate the claim and provide the prospective client with an initial assessment based upon the information provided.

Overall, the initial consultation is an opportunity for the attorney and prospective client to evaluate each other and determine whether or not they could have a good working relationship.

When a Lawyer Starts Working With a Client

When a DC spinal cord injury lawyer begins working with a client on their case really depends on the nature of the injuries and the circumstances giving rise to the injuries. As a general rule, it is best for a client to at least consult with an attorney as soon as he/she is physically able to do so. However, consulting with an attorney is not the same as retaining an attorney.

Consulting with an attorney gives the client an opportunity to evaluate the attorney, get some understanding of the attorney’s experience, and garner some comfort-level with the attorney before moving forward. In a consultation, the client can also learn about the claim process, and what things are important in the short term and in the long term in order to preserve the claim. Moreover, at the consultation, the client can also learn the applicable statute of limitations, and whether there are any administrative requirements to bring the claim against a United States or a local state or District of Columbia agency.