College Park Title IX Academic Penalties

The university disciplinary boards in College Park are empowered to take a variety of actions if they find a Title IX complaint against you to be true. A violation of Title IX could involve anything from discriminating based on sex to committing a criminal sexual act on campus.

The academic penalties that can come with an unfavorable Board decision could have a major impact on your life. These penalties could make your academic life harder and even affect your future career.

Understanding the potential consequences of College Park Title IX academic penalties could help you put the importance of your defense into focus. By working with a skilled Title IX defense attorney, you could avoid these harsh penalties and carry on with your education undeterred.

How Academic Penalties Can Impact Your Future

The powers of a school disciplinary board are usually broad. Should the Board determine a Title IX violation occurred, they could pursue any penalty from a simple warning to expulsion from school.

It goes without saying that expulsion or suspension from school can have a dramatic impact on a student’s life. While these are the harshest measures available, they are used in some Title IX cases. This outcome is particularly common when the accusations against a student are also criminal in nature. The Board operates independently of any criminal investigation. However, meaning they can hand down an expulsion in a case where criminal prosecutors decline to issue an indictment.

There are other less-severe options available. If the allegation involves a conflict with another student, the school could require the student to change dormitory assignments or alter class schedules. The Board can even require a student to avoid making any contact with their accuser.

Disciplinary boards also have power over the extracurricular activities a student is involved in. The Board could ban the student from taking part in intramural sports, debate programs, or student government, among other options.

Penalties that fall short of suspension or expulsion can still impact a student’s education. If a student is barred from participating in a sport or activity that provides them with a scholarship, it could result in the inability to afford an education. Even a student’s social life is at risk, as a conviction could have a drastic effect on the student’s personal relationships.

Defending Title IX Allegations

By fighting back during a hearing, a student could have the chance to avoid an unfavorable outcome entirely. It is important to remember these penalties only go into effect if the Board finds a violation has occurred. If the student or their attorney can convince the Board that there was no violation of Title IX, these penalties will not be appropriate.

One of the ways a plaintiff can challenge the allegations is by providing conflicting evidence. If the process allows independent witnesses, it could be invaluable for a student to put forward testimony that contradicts the complainant or puts their truthfulness at issue. Ultimately, a student’s legal counsel can best advise the defendant on the strongest possible defense options.

An Attorney Could Help You Fight Title IX Academic Penalties

If you have been notified of a pending Title IX case against you, the prospect of academic penalties might have you worried. That is understandable given what is at stake. The good news is that you can avoid these penalties entirely if you convince the Board that you did not violate Title IX. A dedicated attorney could advise not only of the potential penalties you face but also how to fight back.