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If a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle on the sidewalk of a fast-paced highway, in a town crosswalk, or simply while walking through a parking lot, the risk of serious injury is significant. If you or a loved one have been harmed in a pedestrian accident, you need to contact a Maryland pedestrian accident lawyer who can help you build a case against those responsible for your injuries. The personal injury lawyers at our firm are experienced at handling any type of pedestrian accident case, and will vigorously pursue the best possible outcome for your claim. While no reputable lawyer can guarantee results, having a dedicated Maryland pedestrian accident attorney on your case can significantly increase your chances for receiving the compensation that you require and deserve.

Each year, thousands of pedestrians in the United States are injured or killed in traffic collisions. According to the Maryland State Highway Administration, in 2008 pedestrian deaths accounted for nearly a quarter of all traffic fatalities. As people look to save money on gas and help the environment by choosing alternative modes of transportation, the risk of pedestrian accident has risen. En Español.

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Pedestrian Safety
The term pedestrian commonly applies to people traveling by foot, including but not limited to those walking to work or school, out for a recreational run, or on a stroll. The term can also include those traveling on wheels – other than bicycles and motorcycles – such as scooters, skateboards, roller blades/skates, and wheelchairs.

These travelers are also at risk of serious injury when involved in any type of traffic collision, and benefit from the laws in place to protect pedestrians. According to the State Highway Administration, a motor vehicle operator must stop for a pedestrian in the following scenarios:

At crosswalks and intersections without signals:
The pedestrian is on the half of the roadway on which the vehicle is traveling.
The pedestrian is approaching within one lane of the half of the roadway on which the vehicle is traveling.(§ 21-502 (a)(2))
At intersections with signals:

When proceeding on a green signal, drivers turning right or left shall yield the right-of-way to pedestrians lawfully within the crosswalk.
When turning right on red after stopping, drivers shall yield the right-of-way to pedestrians lawfully within the crosswalk.(Section 21-202 (c), (d) & (k))
Pedestrian safety is not solely the responsibility of drivers, some of that responsibility is shared by the pedestrians themselves. Pedestrians can decrease the risk of harm by taking the following steps:

Using marked crosswalks and intersections
Stopping and looking both ways before crossing the street
Utilizing the pedestrian push buttons
Properly observing “walk” signals
Wearing easily-visible clothing after dark and in inclement weather/avoiding dark clothing at night
Paying close attention for vehicles backing up in parking lots and driveways
Doing your part to practice safety procedures as a pedestrian may help reduce your risk of injury, but those procedures cannot eliminate driver error. If you have been harmed after being struck by a car, or other motor vehicle, contact a well-qualified pedestrian accident attorney who has experience fighting cases in Maryland and who can provide you with a no-cost case consultation to determine to what compensation you may be entitled.

Financial Compensation through Pedestrian Accident Litigation
In pedestrian accidents involving an impaired driver, hit-and-run, or other blatant and illegal disregards for human safety, the criminal justice system may handle the case in the interest of justice as opposed to financial compensation for the victims. Through intense and effective personal injury litigation, an experienced Maryland pedestrian accident lawyer can help accident victims obtain compensatory damages, including:

Medical care expenses
Prescription costs
Therapy and rehabilitative care expenses
Personal property damage
Lost wages for time away from work
Loss of benefits
Loss of consortium
Compensation for harm and losses suffered
And more
Understanding the level of compensation to which you are entitled may seem too much to consider when focused on recovering your health and dealing with financial burdens. A dedicated Maryland personal injury lawyer will know the laws, compensation values, and jurisdiction, and can negotiate on your behalf in and out of the courtroom.

Pedestrian Accident Liability
Determining liability in cases of pedestrian and traffic accidents is important in developing a compensation plan. Preventable accidents caused by recklessness, improper road maintenance, or misplaced signage differ from unpreventable accidents caused by occurrences including, but not limited to, inclement weather, a vehicle malfunction, or a health condition which may leave a driver unexpectedly incapacitated.

If you are a surviving loved one of a pedestrian accident victim, contact our injury lawyers to find out more about compensation for wrongful death, and associated damages. While no award value can provide a salve for your grief, relief from financial burdens caused by hospitalization and emergency response costs, funeral and burial expenses, loss of income, and further damages may allow you to focus on the emotional healing that you need.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in Maryland
The thought of a complex and lengthy legal battle may be the last thing you want to consider when injured in an accident, or when dealing with the loss of a loved one. Our lawyers will compassionately guide you through the process necessary to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

A no-cost case analysis will allow your legal representative to review your personal accident claim and determine the monetary value of the damages that you incurred, as well as begin the development of an effective strategy for your case. That is important for a number of reasons, including the fact that those who are responsible for your injury, or the loss of a loved one, need to be held to account to ensure that no other pedestrians run the risk of future injury. For more information, or to schedule a consultation, contact the firm today.