A DC Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer’s Responsibilities

For injuries as serious as those that affect your spine, it is absolutely vital to retain a DC spinal cord injury lawyer working on your case. When you hire an attorney, you are choosing to have an advocate for you. Your attorney will represent you and your interests throughout the process, putting your needs and wants first. Because claims of this nature can get complicated and drawn out, it is important to have an experienced attorney at your side. He or she will be familiar with the process of these cases and will know how to proceed in order to obtain you a favorable outcome.

Attorney-Client Relationship

Generally, the attorney-client relationship over the course of a spinal injury case is similar to other cases. The attorney-client relationship is completely confidential. All the information a client relates to his or her attorney remains completely confidential. This is done in an effort to give the client an opportunity to speak openly and freely about the case with the attorney.

For spinal cord injury cases, the attorney-client relationship is a continuous and ongoing relationship throughout the course of the litigation. A DC spinal cord injury attorney should be available to answer any questions or concerns that a client may have. Likewise, the client must be responsive to the attorney for any information that he/she may have. When you choose an attorney for representation, it is the attorney’s job to make sure they are there for you and your needs.

Communicating With Your DC Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

The client may dictate the method of communication with the attorney. Many times clients prefer to communicate through emails. However, email may not be the most confidential manner of communication because it can be compromised through any number of ways.

When the client prefers to speak with the attorney about the issues, a DC spinal cord injury attorney should be available for meetings to provide that client with an opportunity to answer any questions and discuss any issues bothering them.

Some clients may prefer to receive regular mailings. They want to see the pleadings that are filed in the case and they want to see all the administrative orders from the courts. They want to see everything on paper. Attorneys are more than happy to provide clients with that information as well. Again, a lawyer’s primary duty is to make themselves available to their clients. For clients that are dealing with something as serious as a spinal cord injury, a lawyer should make it a priority to listen and compromise with their clients.

Biggest DC Attorney Responsibilities

As in all cases, with spinal cord injury cases it is important for the attorney to keep his or her client involved and aware of the course of litigation. Whether the attorney is relaying good news or bad news, the client should be fully aware of what is going on and should not be surprised by any outcome.

In spinal cord injury cases, lawyers review all of the client’s medical records from both the injury and before the injury. Spinal cord injury attorneys in DC consult with treating physicians and/or retained expert physicians to evaluate medical records and help the attorney assess any questions regarding liability and damages.