DC Dog Bite Compensation

If you or a loved one was injured from a dangerous animal due to its owner’s negligence, you may be eligible to receive DC dog bite compensation for your resulting damages. However, calculating and arguing for these damages can be confusing, especially for an underprepared or underrepresented claimant. However, a professional injury attorney experienced in fighting for injured plaintiffs could work to advocate for your rights in a courtroom or settlement procedure.

Types of Recoverable Damages

Essentially, there are two types of damages a plaintiff could receive for a dog bite injury, which include both non-economic and economic damages. Economic damages are typically broken down into two parts, such as lost wages and medical bills. For instance, if somebody gets mauled by a dog and miss a month from work while they are recovering from their injuries, they might be entitled to the same number of wages they would have received had they not missed work.

Additionally, a person will typically be entitled to the cost of their medical bills, should they be successful in their claim. Non-economic damages, on the other hand, can include pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. Simply put, these include compensation for the literal pain the person has suffered from the attack, and/or for how much their life has been negatively affected as a result.

The worse or more severe a claimant’s injury is, the more valuable their case could potentially be. Because there is no cap on available damages in DC, one could hypothetically be awarded any monetary value from a jury. Usually, a judge determines what would be fair, reasonable and adequate compensation for the injuries suffered.

Challenges to Pursuing Compensation

Under DC law, if someone can show that an individual did something that contributed to being bitten by a dog, the injured plaintiff could potentially be found to have been contributorily negligent. An example could be if the individual is over the age of six and does something to agitate the dog, causing it to lash out.

In this case, the plaintiff can be found to be partially responsible. If someone knows the dog and knows their tendencies, they are all held to a standard of what would be considered reasonable under the circumstances. This case would be treated very differently compared to if they are just walking along the street and a random dog attacks them.

Call an Attorney to Discuss Compensation in DC Dog Bite Cases

If you or a loved one was injured after being attacked by a dog, you might have questions about DC dog bite compensation and how these damages are calculated. However, understanding the nuances of recoverable damages for a claim can be difficult.

As a result, enlisting the help of a seasoned lawyer could be beneficial. To learn more, call today to schedule a consultation.