Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Maryland

A commercial truck weighs about 80,000 pounds, 20 times more than a car, making it 20 times more likely that you will be severely injured or killed if a trucker smashes into your vehicle. Although truck drivers receive advanced training for a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), and most truckers are conscientious behind the wheel, they are also human and make mistakes.

Truck accidents happen when people fail to meet safety standards. This may include fatigued truckers who cannot focus, trucking companies that encourage drivers to violate federal regulations, or manufacturers who use defective parts during truck assembly. A diligent tractor-trailer collision attorney can explore the common causes of truck accidents in Maryland to build a strong legal case.

Negligent Driving

Any time a trucker does not follow traffic rules, ignores the weather, or keeps driving despite being over allowed hours, they are driving carelessly.

Weather Conditions

Although truckers would like other motorists to believe a weather-related accident is an unforeseeable event that absolves them of any liability, the driver can still be held responsible. Under Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations § 392.14, commercial truckers must consider weather conditions by slowing down or pulling over when necessary. Weather can make driving more dangerous if roads are fogged over, covered in ice, or hard rain limit visibility.

Distracted Driving

Truck drivers are distracted if they are not paying attention to the road. Distractions fall into three categories: visual when the driver is not watching the road, manual if they remove their hands or feet from the operating apparatus, and cognitive if they are daydreaming.

A skilled attorney can investigate to determine if negligent driving is the cause of a truck accident in Maryland.

Improper Cargo Loading

Overloading cargo or loading it incorrectly so the center of gravity rises or the freight rolls around in the trailer can cause devastating accidents. Overloads lead to stress on brakes and tires, which can malfunction on the road, and loose cargo can fall out the back doors and into motorists. High centers of gravity put the truck at risk of tipping, jackknifing, and careening out of control.

Skipping Maintenance

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires truck drivers to submit information about truck maintenance daily, before and after a run. Skipping maintenance and fudging reports is negligence if an accident occurs because of worn or unrepaired parts that were not reported.


Sometimes a trucking company will encourage drivers to break the FMCSA rules, drive more hours, and take fewer breaks to deliver a load. If the trucker dozes at the wheel and a collision occurs, the trucking company could be responsible via vicarious liability for urging the driver to keep driving. A proactive Maryland truck crash lawyer can work to uncover the cause of a specific wreck to file an injury claim.

Negligence is the Foundation of Tractor-Trailer Collisions

If any of these common conditions cause an accident, a dedicated attorney could gather evidence to build a case for negligence against the trucker, trucking company, or truck manufacturer. An experienced lawyer may study logs and mileage records to establish whether the driver exceeded approved driving times.

Commercial trucks rely on black boxes like those used on airplanes to track functionality. Many trucks now use onboard cameras that record when unusual motion is detected, possibly signaling a crash.

Our Attorneys Investigate Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Maryland

If you are harmed in a traffic accident with a heavy commercial vehicle, you will probably face an expensive and lengthy recovery. Who should pay for your losses? The truck driver, trucking company owner, or manufacturer might be compelled to pay if they are found negligent.

Our seasoned legal professionals can work to get you the fair compensation you deserve by proving that one of the common causes of truck accidents in Maryland played a part in your injuries. Call today to discuss the unique circumstances of your case.