Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer

The prospect of facing a criminal charge can be daunting. Most individuals lack the experience with the criminal justice system to understand the intricacies and rules. Just the speed of the hearings and interviews involved in a criminal case alone can be overwhelming. Not to mention the many moving parts, like witness statements and forensic reviews that a criminal case involves. For many who have been charged with a crime, it can feel like the options for presenting their side of events are limited. A Florida criminal defense lawyer can help people advocate for themselves throughout each stage of the process, even when an arrest may be pending. Get in touch with an experienced attorney today for help with your case.


Developing a Defense to Criminal Charges Requires Asking the Right Questions

Many individuals who have been charged with a crime have little experience with the criminal justice system. They may not understand why there are multiple hearings or the difference between their initial statement to the police and a later deposition. Even more frustrating, many people find that when they try to gather information from witnesses, the mere stigma of their arrest interferes with some witness’s willingness to cooperate. Criminal defendants also may have less access to investigate the conduct of the police officers involved in the arrest. That may interfere with their ability to determine if the police fulfilled important procedural requirements. 

Because the state must prove the charges against a criminal defendant beyond a reasonable doubt, how a defendant tells their side of the story is essential. That means the counterpoint to the victim’s story might need to focus on raising questions more than answering them. A Florida attorney could use their experience in defending criminal cases to help individuals create a plan for how they can support their explanation of the events and interview witnesses. Criminal defense lawyers also ask important questions based on their experience that could provide additional defenses, including whether self-defense was involved or if the eyewitnesses were also potential defendants. 

Timing Is Critical in All Parts of a Criminal Defense Process

There are many reasons to hire an attorney early in the criminal defense process, especially before an arrest has been made. The consequences of conviction, besides jail time and potential fines, can include lost career opportunities and much more. The consequences of an arrest without an attorney’s representation might not be as clear, but they are equally important. 

A proactive lawyer could help investigate the facts before an arrest is filed. Which in turn could reduce charges or even, in some cases, lead to a prosecutor dropping all the charges. Even when reducing or eliminating charges is not possible, a criminal defense attorney in Florida could help protect their client during the arrest and arraignment process to help make sure that the opposition doesn’t cross any legal boundaries.

Eyewitness memories are important accounts of evidence that can fade over time. Yet, this kind of information can be essential in building a case against the prosecution and needs to be gathered as close as when the incident that caused the criminal arrest happened. With time being of the essence, an attorney could help a defendant gather this evidence and prioritize where to focus their defense.

Enlist the Help of a Florida Criminal Defense Attorney

For many, the stress and stigma of a criminal case can affect their families and friends as well. Trying to face the many confusing pieces of a criminal case on your own can put additional stress on your family. The risk of trying to handle your criminal charges yourself is often too high and is felt by more than just you. When you add a Florida criminal defense lawyer to your team, they do more than advocate for you: they take some of the burden off of your family and help you present the best defense.  Call the Platinum Criminal Defense Law Firm today to discuss your situation with a skilled legal professional.